Myths about Wedding Bands That are not True

Tired of following all the wedding rules? good news! The trends of recent years are nowhere to go, which means the rules are no longer fixed. Here are some of the main myths about buying wedding bands. So take a deep breath and feel free to choose what works for you.

 The wedding ring and the engagement ring must match.

This is not the case. Just because your engagement ring has a fine white gold setting doesn’t mean you have a plain white band as the only option. Try a white diamond eternity belt or something with evenly spaced stones. Or, on the other hand, if your setup contains a lot of diamonds, feel free to pick a simpler range that suits it. It’s actually more than just a look designed to pick something similar, but not “identical”. Often times a ‘group’ purchase looks straightforward as a 2 for 1 deal. So take some creative freedom and try some other options, you will be pleasantly surprised. Chances are, you have multiplied your options and created your very own signature style at the same time. calendar.

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 Your bracelets must match

Have you ever been shopping with a girlfriend or boyfriend and both of you tried on the same cocktail dress? It sounds amazing to your spouse but it’s horrible to you. This same problem can arise when purchasing bands. If you’re trying to get something quite similar, it probably won’t look great for both of you.

If you are really interested in having a look similar, many designers offer a “him and her” ring version. You can always add personalization between the two different styles together

 A wedding ring must be worn along with an engagement ring.

Some engagement ring settings do not allow the band to be lined up. The old school solution to this is to have a U-shaped ring I generally recommend against doing this as it prevents you from the option of wearing your band alone. For example, when traveling, many do not feel comfortable wearing an engagement ring, so it is better to be able to wear your own band than not to wear anything at all!

As we mentioned above, the U-shape tends to look less designed. It’s perfectly fine to have a space between the two loops.

Another very popular option now is to move the engagement ring to the right hand and wear the bracelet on the left only. This looks especially amazing if you choose a thicker tape. The pairing can look completely balanced and original.

 Be comfortable in learning that making a decision about how to do what works best for you does not mean that you are doing something wrong. The new trend doesn’t have to be traditional.