Everything That You Should Know Before Renting A Commissary Kitchen

Commissaries are commercial kitchens that can be rented by food service operators for preparing and storing food. Many of these kitchens provide mobile vendors and food trucks with storage space for equipment and overnight parking. Along with providing food trucks with additional services, a rentable commercial kitchen can also be used for various dining operations off the premise.

How does a Commissary kitchen work? 

The person owning a commissary is considered to create a commercial kitchen that strictly follows all the safety and health regulations while paying for all the necessary permits. Dining businesses without premises such as caterers, ghost kitchens, and food trucks lease or rent the commissary from the person owning it. Social clubs, bakeries, and restaurants on an occasional basis rend out their kitchen spaces, which are characterized to be up-to-code, as commissaries to earn an extra income.

The owner of a commissary kitchen converts commercial kitchen space into a service that can be rented as a business model that a person might often hear to be known as KaaS, that is kitchen as a service. Similar to a relationship between a landlord and a tenant, a tenant expects certain amenities and supplies for kitchen from the landlord, who in return expects their tenants to carefully abide by the code, rules, and requirements of their living space.

Who makes use of a commissary kitchen? 

The following are considered to come under the list of the users of commissary kitchens:

  • Food trucks
  • Restaurants
  • Concession stands
  • Ghost kitchens
  • Caterers
  • Pop-up restaurants

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What are the advantages of a commissary kitchen? 

In case a person is new and not well-acquainted with the foodservice industry, possesses a dining business off-premise, or wishes for individual kitchen space for preparing the delivery orders of his restaurant, a commissary kitchen is a viable and perfect solution to fulfill his needs. Hereafter we break down for you a few advantages you can reap by renting a commercial kitchen:

  • Less maintenance

The responsibility and duty to up-keep appliances and licenses fall on a commissary owner

  • Fully equipped

A commissary kitchen is known to come equipped with everything you might require, it helps in reducing the upfront costs

  • Short-term savings

When compared to the expenses one will have to occur while building his own commercial kitchen space, which is up-to-code, renting a commissary kitchen is considered to be a cheaper option in a short term

How to rent a commercial kitchen? 

  • Prepare a list of the storage space and equipment you might require
  • Find commissaries around you
  • Availability
  • Vet all your options
  • Sign contract

Commissary kitchens serve as a hub to various businesses ranging from concession stands to dark kitchen ideas. Determine today as to whether or not you need to rent a one, find the best kitchen for your business, and enjoy.