Four Benefits of Migrating to Melbourne

Have you ever dreamt of migrating to a new city and starting a new life? If you are looking for a change, Melbourne may be the best option for you! In 2018, Business Insider coined Melbourne, Australia as the second most livable city in the world after Vienna, Austria.

The Economic Intelligence Unit ranked 140 major cities based on five key indicators, and Melbourne received the following scores with an overall rating of 98.4:

  • Stability: 95.0
  • Healthcare: 100.0
  • Culture and environment: 98.6
  • Education: 100.0
  • Infrastructure: 100.0

           Given these outstanding marks, let us explore the key benefits of moving to Melbourne. 

  1. Sophisticated Healthcare System

The city boasts of excellent healthcare with world-class status. General practitioners, dentists, and pharmacists are available during business hours. Public and private hospitals total of 200, and they offer in-patient and outpatient services. If you have a family, they provide support services such as maternal care and childcare, as well as centers for family intervention and early parenting. For mental health and well-being, the city offers services from a range of health care experts. Moreover, there are professionals ready to help if you need counseling.

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  1. Culture and Leisure Activities

One of the most excellent perks of living in Melbourne is the range of activities you can do. Their list of events caters to various demographic types.  There is plenty of action to choose from. If you are keen on sports, you will meet many like-minded people. It is known to be the world’s sporting capital. If you love the arts, you may visit the Arts Centre Melbourne to watch performing arts, including musical, opera or ballet. They are also multicultural, which means that you will find various event celebrations like the Lunar Festival, Johnson Street Fiesta, and the Chinese New Year, to name a few.

  1. Safety

While threats to terrorism have plagued other countries, especially in the Middle East and more recently in Europe, Melbourne’s low crime rate stands out. The risks of mugging, terrorism, and being scammed is low. For travelers, the city is relatively safe.

  1. Transportation

Residents enjoy an accessible and reliable transportation system. Traveling across the city is efficient. Part of Melbourne’s identity is having the largest tram network, which easily connects to the city’s perimeter and key attraction locations. You also have a choice to ride a bus through their extensive network, ride a train on 200 different railway stations, or take a taxi.

Given all these qualifications, it is no wonder that most people would like to move into this colorful and dynamic environment. If you have decided to move to Melbourne, you can explore your options by contacting a Migration Agent in Melbourne. They will gladly assist you in the type of visas available since they are Family and Partner Visa Specialists. You will need preparation and support as you step into this new life adventure.