A Beginners Guide On Door Access Control System

After the devastation that was brought by the pandemic, more and more people are becoming conscious and are taking necessary precautions to avoid getting infected germs that can spread by simply touching. As a result, more and more workplaces are opting for an automatic door access system that operates hands-free on its own.

In case you are wondering about installing this advanced technology in your workplace as well, then this guide will give you extensive knowledge on how these mechanisms work and other necessary information relevant to it. So, if you are eager to learn more about these sophisticated pieces of technology then keep reading this guide until the end.

What Is an Automatic Access Control System?

door access system

Access control, as the name suggests, is a piece of technology through which you can have total control over whom you want to give access to enter your workplace and whom you don’t. The best thing about this technology is that it only allows access to a person who has prior permission to enter the premises.

How Does It Work?

This is a cloud-based technology that has information on a certain person who has the access key to your place. This access key can either be a card, code, or even biometrics. So, when a person who has access to enter the building tries to put in his credentials the technology recognizes his credentials and lets him enter the premises.

On the other hand, when a credential doesn’t match with the information stored in the cloud storage he or she will be automatically rejected and will not be given access until the credentials match with the stored information.

Types Of Access Control Systems

There are various types of different access control systems. Each of these is unique from one another. But, quite effective. These systems are,

  • Proximity Readers: this particular control system requires unique cards that have been issued by the company that has provided the mechanism.
  • Independent locks: this control system provides access when a person enters the password that has been registered in the central source.
  • Biometrics scanner: this system is highly sophisticated and quite impenetrable as it requires the fingerprints or retinal scan of an individual who has access to enter the premises.


These pieces of technologies are Highly sophisticated and extremely safe for workplaces. This access control system enhances the security system by preventing any other individuals from entering the premises, which can create problems for your business. So, if you are thinking about installing one of these products, it is a smart decision you are going to make.