get more site traffic through social media

Site traffic does a lot for your business. It helps you connect with customers, increase sales, and appeal to potential business partners and clients, making it important for businesses to try to increase the amount of visitors to their sites. Ready to learn how? Check out these few tips on how to get more site traffic.

Get Involved in Social Media

Today, over 15 million businesses and organizations have created a Facebook page, but there are still millions of businesses on other social media sites such as Twitter and Google+. But setting up a profile isn’t all there is to social media; instead, you have to actually engage in the community. Check out these tips that can help you get more site traffic through social media:

  • Share links in an interesting way, such as by adding intriguing photos, asking your followers questions, or sharing a great statistic.
  • Avoid too much self-promotion, but attract more followers by sharing useful information.
  • Post updates based on a schedule.
  • Reply back to questions or comments posted on your page.
  • Add social media sharing buttons to your website so that others can share your content.

These tips will not only help you get more followers on social media networks, but they can help attract people to your links and lead more traffic to your site.

get more site traffic through social media

Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly

You’ve heard of SEO before. You know that you need to use certain keywords and to create links throughout the Internet to rank high on search engines, but this is such a crucial step to increasing traffic that we can’t leave it out. If you’re still not ranking high on search engines, consider these tips that can help you take your SEO efforts a bit farther:

  • Submit your website to search engine directories.
  • Focus on keywords in your post URL.
  • Optimize your images by adding Alt tags.
  • Submit your site map to search engines.
  • Always use fresh content. Never copy existing works.

Create an Email List

Getting people to subscribe to your website via email is a great way to notify followers of updates, helping keep interested readers and customers coming back. To create an email list, all you need to do is add a widget on your site that allows readers to enter their email addresses. Once they click “Submit,” they’re signed up for your email alerts. You can bring in even more traffic by using an email marketing solutions service to help you design your emails efficiently and track your stats.

Make Your Site Interesting

One key aspect of increasing traffic to your site is bringing quality visitors back. To keep people returning, it’s important that you have something interesting to offer them each time they visit your site. Use some of these ideas to keep new and old visitors coming back:

  • Offer a forum or monthly chats and webinars.
  • Conduct contests.
  • Offer free goodies, such as e-books.
  • Start a blog on your site.
  • Create surveys.

There are countless other ways to promote your site and increase traffic, but these few suggestions are a great place to start.