What makes a great home? For some people, it’s a comfy house with decor just the way you like it and a welcoming smell. For others, it’s a place of convenience. The home services industry is fundamental to the home of the future and the way we will all soon live our lives.

Technology is changing more rapidly and faster than ever before and the home services industry is at the forefront of this change.

But what 3 ways will technology changes the industry and the home forever. Here’s everything you need to know.

  1. Internet of Things

The internet of things is the concept that all of the devices in your home are connected to the internet and can all respond and connect with each other. A central hub that is usually activated by a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo controls them all. Technology at home has never been more exciting.

For example, your lights can turn on automatically at 7 am or 8 am depending on your work schedule of the time of day the sun rises, using the calendar function on your computer.

The kettle can also be set to boil at a certain time and the boiling of your kettle can also trigger other functions such as your television switching itself on or even your toaster popping up.

  1. Smart Speakers

The internet of things is a great companion to smart speakers which will eventually be the center of all homes.

If you need to ask a question about your schedule then Siri on the new Homepod Mini or Alexa can answer it. If you run a large family and have lots to remember then a voice assistant can be there to help you manage your day more effectively.

A smart speaker will soon be able to replace cleaners by setting your smart cleaning devices to clean at certain times of the day.

RFID technology could even tell you when certain items of clothing are in the wash or missing, which is exactly what this Bidclips article about technology with a personal touch is all about.

  1. Integration With Cars

Want to know when your partner is coming home from work or how far away he is so you can cook dinner? No problem the smart cars of the future with home assistants built-in will be able to relay this information to you.

If your kids are watching movies on the television screen they will be able to transfer these to screens in the back of the car and continue watching. The car will become an extension of the home and one of the top home service industry trends.

The Home Services Industry Is The Future

The home services industry will transform the way we live our lives. Smart technology will improve the way we all live from day-to-day and the Coronavirus pandemic will only accelerate that transition, as we all embrace technology at home.

With 5G set to be faster than most average WiFi networks home automation will soon step up another level as once data-intensive tasks now become commonplace.

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