Understanding and learning the types of martial arts

When you are interested in mixed martial arts, there are types that are included which are karate, jiu-jitsu, and taekwondo. You will learn and understand the meaning of other popular styles of MMA. and it is easier for you to know the differences between every type of martial arts.


It is known to be grappling art and it is Japanese martial art. Where you do this by flowing the motion of the opponent rather than attacking it straight. You have to direct the attacker’s momentum using the turning motions and entering which you have to follow different joint locks or throws.


Hapkido is a Korean martial art where you are using kicks, punches, joint locks, and other striking attacks. You can use weapons like rope, cane, swords, and staff but their importance will vary. Hapkido are focusing on using non-resisting movements, controlling the opponent, and circular motions. The footwork and body positioning will be an advantage and it avoids strength against strength. But aikido and hapkido have the same history. They only differ in responses, techniques, and philosophy.

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It is a Japanese martial art for defeating an armed and unarmed opponent. Where one is not using weapons and the other is using any short weapon. The trainer will offset the enemy by having a joint lock, pins, and throws by using the attacker’s energy against him.


A martial art that was from Okinawa, Japan uses striking techniques like kicking, punching, elbow, and knee strikes. When you compare it to taekwondo, the karate are focusing on hand strikes. Whereas taekwondo is about learning kicking techniques.

Kung Fu

Some people are familiar with Kung Fu and it is a fighting style that is made for centuries in China. These are common in different styles which it was classified by schools, families, or sectors. Some styles have physical exercises that copy the animal movements. There are other styles was from Chinese religions, legends, and philosophies. The internal styles will focus on harnessing qi. The external styles are about enhancing your cardiovascular and muscle fitness.



Mixed martial arts allows you to have different fighting styles that you can use which are grappling and striking techniques. In the early years of sports, it has a different variety of traditional styles. But as the sport improved with styles it is ineffective. It is common for fighters to train in different styles as it makes a balanced skillset. However, when you are interested to know MMA,  Looking for MMA classes in Singapore that never compromises on the quality? Matrix MMA is your #1 choice.