pink diamonds for sale

Pink diamonds, not like one carat round and colorless diamonds, are rare. Actually, pink is the rarest colors that you can find. Just red diamonds (not seen one) & blue diamonds are a bit more rare. Given its rarity, pink diamonds for sale aren’t for faint of wallet however affordable ones will be found. Firstly you need to have a little understanding on pink diamond scale that is haphazard.

Grading of Pink Diamond — Reader’s Digested Version

Clarity and size are very less important than the color while it comes about pink diamond costing. Words such as Intense, Fancy, Deep and Vivid preceding a word pink, tend to mean the higher cost range. Light & Faint adjectives put prices on a lower end of scale—as well as make them highly affordable to the mere mortals that aren’t the movie stars. I have seen the faint pink, which looks pink when set in the pink gold and faint pink, which you cannot even tell that it is pink. Thus, the dealer that understands how to select the pink and set pink diamond is very important in bringing out most pink possible as well as ending up with the beautiful jewelry at

pink diamonds for sale

Valuable Pink Diamonds and Unusual Shapes

Often, when cutter gets presented with the pink colored rough, they will cut the unusual shape for getting most carat weight from its valuable pink rough. That is because cutters would like to make most money that they will from end product and carat weight counts to the goal. In pink diamonds, you can find the harp shape (like instrument), really fat or skinny marquise, funky pear shapes, and cleavageless heart (you will need to visualize one). Some are tough to describe without any photos. You do not generally see several round pinks in the large sizes as cutting the round diamond wastes the diamond rough. Nobody wants the pink diamond dust.

Shopping for the Pink Diamond

Some jewelry stores and personnel know anything about the pink diamonds. That is because their market typically is people who are purchasing white diamonds. There’re some stores that carry out more of them. However, you will find that prices are in a stratosphere. You’re often paying for an address, atmosphere as well as chandelier upkeep. Thus, when you may get the fabulous product, you can pay out fine if you’ve that type of the disposable income & you like feeling to be in the swanky establishment.

Irrespective of, you need to select the dealer very carefully. Select one that actually carries one or more colored diamonds. Suppose you have done the homework, you may recognize the salesperson that knows much lesser than you.