Wall art for living room

They say building a house is like baking a cake. As far as analogies go, this is one of the more accurate ones. If baking a cake is like building a house, then the interior is surely the icing on the wonderful cake? Decorating your interior with wall art may not be necessary but like the icing on a cake, it gives a feeling of relaxation, satisfaction and generally makes the house look more beautiful than it already is. Selecting wall art can be tricky though, whether it is the Chanel perfume bottle art or any other style, a lot of thinking goes into choosing wall art size. So let’s get straight to it.

Looking for the right size:

Arguably the most important factor when choosing the perfect wall art is the size. Generally, people prefer to start with large sizes and move down the ladder so to speak. Wherever you are looking to put up your wall art, here are the basic ground rules for various sizes:

Wall art for living room

  • Oversized: Any art that is over 100 centimeters in length falls under this category. If you are looking to buy oversized wall art, make sure that you have more than enough room for it. Generally, such art stands alone and acts as the defining point of the interior of any room.
  • Large: Art canvas of length 80-100 centimeters falls under this category. One could say large is the standard size for most art as most people prefer to have one or two large pieces of art in the room. When set in the middle of two smaller art pieces, large-sized canvases look very stylish and beautiful.
  • Medium: Medium-sized art is usually around 60-70 centimeters in length. Medium-sized wall art is generally large enough to stand on its own but it’s recommended to pair it with similar sized art to look an overall interesting vibe. It is vital to ensure that the symmetry between the art is perfect.
  • Small: Any wall art that is around 45-59 centimeters in length is described as small. Small wall art cannot be hanged alone or on large walls. Generally, such art is hung over furniture or on smaller walls, usually in groups of 3-6 similar sized pictures.
  • Mini:These art are anywhere between 25-44 centimeters in length. They are around the size of a small piece of paper. Mini art is usually sold in collections of around 3-6 pieces. It is thus not advisable to hang them separately.

Gentle art:

When you look for art for walls buy the one that is most relaxing in your eyes. Don’t go for an art piece based on other people’s opinions. Your art is going to be in your house and as such, it should appeal to you and you alone.

Have fun shopping!