real hair wigs

If you are reading this blog, you must already understand the basics of Alopecia, which is the medical name for hair fall dysfunction in the body. Alopecia is a hair loss condition that affects women, men and children regardless of age, ethnicity or hair type.  There are different kinds and ranges when you are looking for wigs for Alopecia.

Not every wig might suit when you are going through different stages of Alopecia. Read below to know more about such conditions:

  1. Synthetic Hair Wigs

You can start with synthetic wigs, which are generally the cheapest. Find those wigs, which are similar to your original hairstyle. Such wigs will help you adapt to the notion that yes, you are losing your hair.

real hair wigs

Over time, it signifies that it is time you start to use wigs for better appearance and self-confidence. Moreover, these wigs can last up to a few months. Hence, the adjustability to a new hairstyle can be your focus here.

  1. Human Hair Wigs

These wigs are more durable than the previous one. They have a natural flair and shine. They can even spread out, almost similar to the natural flow and volume of your original hair.

In fact, you can use these wigs for months to a year. But that also depends on where you are buying from.

  1. Hand-Tied Wigs

When certain wigs for Alopecia have problems like slipping off and causing an unwanted itch, then hand-tied wigs are a great replacement. These wigs caps are tied to your original hair. So, they do not slip off as often as others.

Do not worry about tying them again in public. You will face less embarrassment and more confidence. When you hire the hair specialists for wigs and caps, they will consult you better on the choice of colours available for these types of wigs.

Usually, there are ample choices in the stores already. Many times, you can look at the best match for your personality and face cut.

  1. Customised Wigs

For these wigs, you need to get in touch with dermatologists as well as hair specialists. They will know the nitty-gritty of Alopecia and the level of your hair loss. Once that information is sorted, you can order the right wigs for Alopecia online or offline.

At times, these wigs might be delivered within a few days or weeks. So, you will have to wait for them to arrive. Whereas, while ordering, you can select the type of colour, texture, size and the fragments of hair sticking on the wig cap.

Such wigs change your personality once and for all. It makes you bolder, even if you choose a wig cap that you have never tried before. In fact, while regularly using these wigs, you will forget worrying about Alopecia altogether.