The prolonged sitting hour is not suitable for health. It is prescribed that a person should not remain in one pose for more than 30 mins. But who remembers the rules and regulations, when we sit for work, we generally get up after 2 hours? This should be avoided because prolonged sitting can cause back strain, pain, and spinal problem. Therefore, here is introducing a portable workstation table. This inter-convertible chair can be made into a table, and both are comfortable to use. Therefore, if you are sitting for long hours and want to stand and do your work, this chair-table will enable you to do so; you can adjust the height accordingly.

The comfortable option for your work life

Our everyday work life is so busy and unbalanced that we get no time in our daily schedule for exercising, walking between work, and doing a minimum of stretching. We are sometimes forced to work in uncomfortable situations, such as a chair that causes back pain, is stiff and has no proper cushioning, and tables that are too low or too high to work with. Therefore, our portable workstation table solves all these issues. The essential features of this chair are:

Sit Stand Desk Converter

  • It can be carried wherever you go- this chair table is mobile, i.e., you can carry it anywhere you want, in your office room, on the veranda, or any other location.
  • It is comfortable to sit on- the chair-table has been designed keeping in mind the standard sitting style of people; this chair has been cushioned finely to give the correct posture and comfort your back while you sit.
  • A substitute to daily exceeding- we understand that in your busy schedule, there is nearly no time for exercise; therefore, stand comfortably at your place with your laptop and work. Give away the sedentary work style; work while you sit as well as while you stand.
  • No nuts and bolts- this chair tabledoes not require proper nuts and bolts while you convert it into a chair or table. It is easily adjustable and foldable, making it easy to carry and convert.

Stay pain-free

Physical pain at work can be very tiring and decrease your productivity. To overcome that, choose the workstation table where you can comfortably work while you stand or sit without stress onyour spine, back, neck and head. If you are a patient with blood pressure or cannot d heavy lifting, don’t worry, as this workstation comes with an electric mechanism where you can adjust the height with the push of a button. Try yours now.