Criteria to Select the Best Running Shorts Women Should Own

Are you a fitness freak who doesn’t skip even a day in the gym? Well, if yes, you need to have a pair of running shorts for your workout – whether what you are doing is hitting the trails or logging on treadmills. The shorts must withstand any wear and tear they have to go through. If you have found the ones perfect for you, it might be hard to switch or say them goodbye. But if you have been thinking about changing your workout wardrobe, you should start looking for the options for running shorts women have.

Comfort, protection, style, and pockets – a good pair of running shorts have so much to offer. But finding the one for you can be challenging. After all, with so many options, you don’t really know where to start. It doesn’t matter if you are training for a marathon or just going for a quick run around the block, a pair of shorts that fits well is all you need.

Pick the best shorts

running shorts women

You have quite a wide range of running shorts brands in the market, so here are some factors you can use to narrow down your hunt to get what fits you the best.

  • Material

Running shorts may have combined materials for various purposes. For example, nylon is good for sweat-wicking while spandex is suitable for better movement in every direction without any restrictions. Soft materials are for protecting your skin. If you care for the environment, you can also go for eco-friendly brands that make products from recycled products. Some shorts fabrics are tear and water-resistant, suitable for running long miles.

  • Inseams

Shorts with longer inseams offer more coverage but shorts with shorter inseams are good for racing and speed running as they allow freedom of movement for quick strides. Tighter shorts and longer inseams prevent chafing. Find an inseam that works the best for you.

  • Breathability

Opt for shorts that provide good ventilation along with sweat-wicking technology that avoids skin irritation.

Then you need to see different features like interior liners, pockets, etc.


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