Orchard Serviced Apartments

With the constant need for better and higher quality products and services, many services are changing their facilities and project approach. This can also be heavily seen and followed in the lodging industry. Hotels have yet to suffice many needs which have paved the way to serviced apartments. Whether you’re an immigrant, a tourist, or a resident who’s relocating, serviced apartments have their services open for all.

A serviced apartment is a fully furnished property with a total price including daily utilities, upkeeping, and several other services. They can be booked according to your convenience which can either be for a couple of days or even months. Serviced apartments offer similar services to a hotel, but with more space, comfort, and privacy thus giving you a feeling of domesticity and comfortability. These types of apartments are quite famous among immigrating people as it allows them to get a place of their own while staying on a budget until they have a place to call their own. If you are planning to opt for an orchard serviced apartments then Thanksgiving might have a thing for you.

orchard serviced apartments

Why Thanksgiving?

When you rely on Thanksgiving for serviced apartments, you not only get a room but additional benefits like comfort, larger space, no restrictions, etc. that hotels lack in the offering. When you are living in a hotel you need to follow their set of schedules but here, you get to live life according to your time and schedules.

Their serviced apartments, which are located near Orchard Road, one of Singapore’s most well-known and well-known streets, provide you with uncountable amenities like travel districts, shopping streets, easy transportation, etc. Their facility, which is filled with amenities and high-quality services, is an excellent alternative for singles, couples, and families. If you are traveling concerning your work, you have a further handy benefit other than 24 free Wi-Fi and room services and that is the fact ideally positioned near Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD), making your commute much rapid, brisk, and effectless. If you fancy animals or currently own a pet and are traveling with it, you can swear by them as they provide you with an entirely pet-friendly area. Thanksgiving truly has a thing for all. Orchard serviced apartment offers you sanctuary while also giving you a balance of every aspect.

Book an Orchard serviced apartment and ease your stress!