Effective Product Photography Ideas

Why is product photography so important? A recent study found that over 75% of online shoppers consider product photography to be very influential in their purchasing decisions.

In other words, a great photograph that showcases your product will drive up the chances of your viewers becoming your customers.

How do photograph your products so that they look appealing and your web presence looks professional?

Read on for our three best product photography ideas that will change the way you see–and share–your products.

Don’t Underestimate the Portrait Shot

It can certainly be helpful to take staged product photographs. This may entail a picture of your product in use, which can help people to envision the experience they’ll have if they purchase your product. It may also entail your product placed in front of a backdrop of relevant and aesthetically pleasing objects that set the scene and tell a story.

However, you don’t want to overlook the portrait shot. A portrait shot is a clear, simple photo of your product against a solid backdrop. The product portrait shot lets your product shine and can also create a more appealing social media post or product listing.

Cohesive and On-Brand

Make Sure Your Product Photography Is Cohesive and On-Brand

When you’re taking product photography, you should always have a clear, long-term plan in mind. Whether these photos will only end up on your website or you’ll share them on social media platforms like Instagram, you should always think of product photography as part of your branding.

That doesn’t mean that every photo needs to prominently feature your logo or slogan. Instead, think about the color scheme that captures the vibe of your company. Play off of the colors that you find in your products as well as any marketing materials (including your logo) that you already have.

Ultimately, you want to make sure that your product photography contributes to your brand recognition. Your photos should also complement one another so that they look cohesive and purposeful in a grid or feed.

Outsource Your Product Photography

If you’re struggling to capture the essence of your products through photography, it may be time to ask a third party for help!

There are plenty of product photography experts out there who can help you capture the perfect shot. Some will even go beyond taking the photos and help you with marketing, too.

Take Leslie Rossi, for example. As a social media guru with thousands of followers, Rossi has cracked the product photography code. Not only can she come up with stunning and creative shots of your products but she can share them on her well-loved social media feeds–meaning that you get a photo, an ad, and an endorsement all in one.

Use Our Product Photography Ideas to Boost Your eCommerce Sales

Don’t let subpar photography scare away your future customers! With our product photography ideas, you can get some gorgeous shots and boost your eCommerce sales in no time.

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