take care of chicks

If you are thinking that taking care of your own chickens at home is difficult, you are wrong. Yes, it is challenging, but if you have the right equipment even before you bring them home, your life would be so much easier. The supplies that you need would differ depending on whether you are bringing chicks or mature chickens.

Supplies To Prepare For Chicks

If you want to start out with chicks, then all you need is to make sure that you have the basic set up. They are challenging to take care of but you have to have everything ready before you bring them home. Here’s what you need to prepare:

  • This will serve as their temporary home until they are mature enough to move to their permanent home. It can be a small container or an enclosure that can keep your chicks. Many would use a horse trough until the chicks are 8 weeks old. If you don’t have this, a simple box will do.
  • Heat Lamp. Chicks cannot take cover under their moms’ wings when it’s cold at night. For them to survive, they need heat. You need to have a heat lamp to keep the chicks warm. It should be a 250-watt lamp and placed above the chicks. The temperature needed for just-hatched chicks should be 95-degrees Fahrenheit. Increase it by 5-degrees every week.
  • Pine shavings are the best bedding for chicks. They are available anywhere and they come cheap. This can soak up droppings and water that spills from their waterer. Some use a newspaper but this is not a good idea. Chicks can develop spraddle legs from this because the newspapers are too slippery.
  • Food Dish and Waterer. You can buy a waterer specifically made for chickens. Avoid using a trough or water dish that you use for other pets because chicks can go in them and get wet. Chicks cannot regulate their body temperature that easily and if they get cold, they could die. For their feeders, most of them are screwed into a mason jar. As they get older, you would need to buy long feeders that have ovals in it so that they would not step or kick their food.
  • Food and Water. Now that you have the above supplies, you should not forget that chicks feed on a starter. You can purchase them at Australian chicken supplies You can use any water, even tap water, as long as you clean their water and food dishes regularly to avoid diseases.
  • In order for your chicks to grow up healthy, they need supplements. You can buy these at chicken supplies stores. The most common supplements that your chickens would need are grit, calcium, diatomaceous Earth, and vitamins.

Food Dish and Waterer

Taking care of chickens is not only a good hobby, but this is also a good source of food. You can take care of chicks for them to lay eggs or use their meat for food. It will be challenging at first. Some would die while others would survive. Make sure that you learn from your mistakes. Read and research more about caring for chicks and chickens to avoid doing things incorrectly.