Keep your dog waterproof

Waterproof dog coats are like an essential item for dogs especially during the colder winter months. Most of the owners do not pay much attention while buying a waterproof dog coat; but it is important to see and check whether the waterproof coat is actually waterproof or not. Most of the coats that claim to be waterproof just keep the dog safe and cozy while they do not much protect the dog from the rain or the dew drops that fall at night.

Waterproof dog coats

Things to consider while buying waterproof dog coats

  • Material- A good and decent waterproof coat should have effective water repelling wax coating; so just consider checking this before buying one for your dog.
  • Stitching- If the garment is not close sewn in order to allow the water to penetrate so avoid buying the coat. Look for coat which is closely sewn without any gaps.
  • Design- The coat should be designed in such a way that it covers the whole of the dog’s body; just leaving the legs, tail and the head free and also completely covering the back.
  • Underbelly- The coat should be such that it covers the whole underbelly of the dog so that the water doesn’t splash up from the ground on the underbelly.

Water coats and their suitability

The waterproof coats are generally suitable for the dogs that have average coats to keep them covered like the German shepherds and the retrievers. Waterproof dog coats are best for smaller breeds that are more likely to get a good splashing while out in the open.


Waterproof dog coats should be appealing in style and colour and of an amazing quality. A warm coat should not only save the dog from water but also from the cold and bad weather conditions. Material thickness is as important as the appearance of the coat. Choose a coat that has a warm lining as well as water repelling outer shell that gives the dog complete protection during the winters.

Quality of the coat

A good quality waterproof coat is an excellent investment that should be made in order to keep the dog safe in the cold weather. Always remember to read the information given on the label of the coat so that you are sure about the material and the wash. The coat should be of such a quality that even if the dog is out for hours he/she is not affected by the weather at all.

Is the coat washable?

Last thing to keep in mind is that while buying a coat keep in mind that the coat has to be machine washable; so that you can wash it frequently and clean it whenever needed. Just like humans it is important for the dogs also to wear washed and cleaned clothes.

These are the things that you as an owner should keep in mind while buying a waterproof coat for your dog online or from a shop. A good coat is necessary to keep your dog safe from the bad weather.