There are quite a number of dog training centers in Australia. And one of the most trusted in Sydney is Guard Dog Training Centre Pty Ltd. If you are looking to have your dogs trained, maybe for just the basic skills or something more specific like to be a guard dog,  then this is where you should go.

But of course, it is understandable for you to have a lot of questions before you have your dogs get the training here. So here’s everything that you need to know before you bring your dog over to get enrolled in their training programs and classes.

How Soon Can Dogs Be Trained?

Some dog owners are wondering how soon can they have their dogs training? At Guard Dog Training Centre Pty Ltd., they accept dog students that are as young as 4 months. But there is no limit to dog training. Even those that are 10 years old can still get enrolled in the centers’ obedience training programs.

And once the dog learns these tricks, they will never forget them even if you don’t work with them for a month. Still, it is best that you take at least 10-20 minutes of your day to go over these tricks. This will not only make your dog remember what they have learned, but it will also build your relationship.


Every Dog Breed is Welcome

They have experts who can train whatever dog breed you have, from Malties to Mastiffs, and even Yorkies and St. Bernards. Even problem dogs are accepted, there is no exemption. Everything will be provided for at the center. Even you don’t have to be there with your dog during training.

Common Dog Training Programs

The trainers will only need an hour or two at most every session. Obedience Training usually lasts for 8 days. Most of the dogs that are brought in for training are aggressive dogs and those that are easily led by strangers. Others also need their dogs trained as the pooch have the habit to jump on people, chasing other dogs or cats and motor vehicles. The experts here will do their best to ensure that your dog is ready to be independent and be well behaved after the 8 sessions.

Guard Dog Training Centre Pty Ltd. is the trusted name when it comes to training programs and classes. Other than that, they also offer rottweiler for sale australia. If you visit the website, you will find that they also offer on-site and mobile dog grooming, animal care, and dog microchipping. So what are you waiting for? If your questions are finally answered, then go ahead and check out the website to book an appointment.