dog photography

Are you still struggling to capture those perfect shots of your furball? Let’s be honest, dogs are the energy bundles with an uncanny ability of looking sideways, closing their eyes, or even leaving the scene altogether,  just when you were about to click their perfect picture thus ruining the whole shot in the process- It’s the time when you decide to give up and finally look for the professional help!

While arranging a dog photography session for your four-legged friend, you need to keep the following points in mind.

  1. dog photographySafety is paramount: While discussing the details with a pet photographer, be sure to check about the safety perspective of the process. For example, if your dog is a bit aggressive or of fearful nature, does your photographer has the requisite know-how to keep your pet calm and relaxed during the whole session. The picture of your dog standing on a rock might look magnificent but then to achieve such a shot, they need to be off the leash for a while. Your dog could be command trained, however, they can still act unpredictably especially, if they happen to spot a squirrel in some distance. You can check with your photographer if the leashes can be kept and edited later on via software. Alternatively, the set-up should be duly fenced so that the safety of your dog is not compromised.
  1. Speciality and experience: Every photographer has a genre like weddings, newborns, or pets- you need to ask them about their speciality. By focusing on a specific field, a photographer is bound to gain extensive knowledge and experience in that area. Someone who has primarily focused on weddings is going to have completely different skillsets than the one who has been always been involved with dog photography. An experienced professional would always know how to bring a dog to the complete ease and capture the most memorable shots.
  1. Drawing Expectation: You need the complete process details to set realistic expectations. It is important to know when you can get the pictures, are they going to be in digital format or artistic portraits and also, what sorts of guarantees are being offered (if any). At the end of the day, it is paramount that your investments are duly protected.
  1. Final product: While it is good to have a cluster of digital images but the reality is that nothing happens thereafter and they tend to get lost in your laptop of phone drives. Hence, it is wise to invest in canvas prints and framing to bring the pictures to life- You can check with the photographer about the best print options are available with them.

To get some gorgeous pictures of your fur baby, it is important to hire a pet photographer who is experienced and comprehends your requirements well.