The majority of cases that are commercial-related are usually settled than tried in the court which paves way for lawyers to find ways to settle the cases earlier than expected and at the same time gives value to their clients.

Usually, clients want to avoid a long and dragging disruptions of commercial activity which involve unnecessary expenses and delays and especially the uncertainties that can stall their business growth and plan along the way which is why they prefer to choose lawyers that specializes in dispute resolution.


If you are looking for a dispute resolution lawyer which is also commonly known as a litigation lawyer, here are some of its most important duty in the pre-trial process courtesy of the best dispute resolution lawyers Melbourne has.

  • Initial investigation and case assessment

Litigation lawyers or dispute resolution lawyers who handle the plaintiff’s case usually conduct an initial case investigation so that they can easily determine if they have gathered enough evidence that exists to warrant a filing of a lawsuit against the defendant. Meanwhile, in a defendant’s case, the lawyer will have to make an assessment to gather evidence that is in existence to defend a potential or any existing lawsuit against the lawyer’s client.

  • Drafting the pleadings

There are various pleadings and motions that should be filed with the court on behalf of the defendant and the plaintiff in a lawsuit. The lawyer of the plaintiff is the one who drafts a summon and file a complaint to initiate the lawsuit that will be against the defendant and usually the latter’s lawyer is the one who drafts the answers and the counterclaims as a response to the lawsuit filed by the dispute resolution lawyer of the plaintiff. Both dispute resolution lawyers will collaborate with their respective clients to investigate the allegations as well as both sides of the stories of each camp and formulate their appropriate response.

  • The process of discovery

This portion that the lawsuit does is it involves the exchange of all the relevant information between the parties involved in the case. Litigation lawyers or dispute resolution lawyers are the ones who employ different points or devices to discover and gain more information for the benefit of their client’s cases. This kind of method usually involves interrogation that both camps have to answer for each other or they will be penalized with perjury.

  • Their tasks in the pre-trial process

The discovery process and the preparation for the court proceedings usually wrap up a few weeks right after the preceding trial. The lawyers have to consult with and also provide appropriate advise to their clients at the same time present their witnesses and attend the pre-trial conferences and make their trial strategies that are based on the facts and the pieces of evidence that they gathered according to the best dispute resolution lawyers Melbourne.

  • The trial

This is usually the last stage and the most crucial role of a dispute resolution lawyer knowing that when the cases proceed to trial, the lawyers are very busy around the clock that presents their case before the judge or the court is preparing for the first day of the trial in court. Usually, the lawyers will collaborate with different experts and their clients to come up with a trial theme and identify their strengths and weaknesses of the case they are handling and come up with a valid argument.

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