Estate Planning Lawyer

Selecting a layer to represent you in court is a daunting task, but it is also crucial. This is the type of decision that must not be based on advertising alone. Certain important factors must be considered for you to end up with the right estate planning lawyer.


Don’t limit the search to geography only.

When you look for an estate lawyer, you must not limit your search to geography. You can find a number of attorneys in your area who can handle estate planning. Several law firms have offices in various locations so when you look for an estate planning attorney don’t limit yourself to geographical location.

Choose based on a referral from a lawyer or another advisor.

The best estate lawyer is based on a referral from another lawyer, certified public accountant, or a financial advisor. He or she would probably know a credible estate attorney whose specialization is what you need.

Estate Planning Attorney

The attorney’s specialization must be estate planning.

Many lawyers claim that they are estate planning lawyers, but what you should ensure is if they practice estate planning alone. Just as there are doctors that focus on specialized fields like cardiology or oncology while some are general practitioners, there are also lawyers who limit their practice to a specific legal area. When you hire a lawyer with a particular specialization it is more likely that they are up to date with the current laws and issues affecting the particular field. It is easier for them to easily identify areas that could probably cause a problem later on.

Ask what school the lawyer attended and the professional organizations he or she joined.

Law schools that are difficult to be accepted into are known for excellent standards. They only let in the best students. The law school ranking system has four tiers, the first tier being the top and hardest to get into. An estate planning lawyer must also belong to a professional organization. This will imply that the lawyer you hire is updated in the latest and most crucial estate planning developments. Professional organizations offer extensive education as well as networking with peers. You would like your estate lawyer to stay updated on the most recent law and planning techniques for you and your family’s protection.

Be wary of using internet directories.

Beware of online directories that claim to provide you with a qualified estate lawyer. These so-called directories of specialists are nothing but yellow pages for all types of services. When you are planning to hire a lawyer online, make sure that the site is third-party verified.

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