traffic offence lawyers

This legal practice is based in Frankston, established in 1998. It has grown firm significantly and able us to practice many areas of law to serve the community. The lawyers at Bayside Solicitors have a history of helping the clients, being responsible, and arranging legal representation for everyone.

They provide criminal representation in court. The criminal and traffic offence lawyers have many years of experience in court. The Barristers and Solicitors are also an advantage to you that there are not double the fees in a solicitor instruction. The criminal solicitors perform in court to represent clients. They have developed a good reputation for defense. The criminal lawyers represent more cases in the courts all across Melbourne.

These are the cases that represent to clients in include:

  • Assault and Battery
  • Theft and Robbery
  • Case of Burglary
  • Social security fraud
  • Intervention orders.
  • Drug user offenses.
  • Drunk driving cases.
  • Driving without a license
  • Other traffic offenses
  • Serious offenses

How is the criminal conveyancer of Court representation?

  • The appearance in the conveyance will lead to the advancement of good relationships between the police and legal authority. They will appear at short notice, for example, the clients ask for assistance with bail applications.The traffic offense lawyers will attend to clients on the appearance of criminal matters. It also faced serious charges, like drunk driving through drug offenses. Their team of criminal solicitors will represent in the county or Supreme Courts across Melbourne, and have the experience to help.

What compensation is available by the law?

The respect for the client’s rights and payment will do it regularly in appearances in Court. They will remain to appoint you with legislation and understand the judge who can conduct.

The compensation is available following the laws and regulations in the Victims of Crime Assistance Act 1996. It covers various Victims of Crime Regulations, such as the rules for getting payment and the policy for applying. These are the accepted key of eligibility, such as that:

  • They are eligible for compensation if the person is the primary or secondary victim of the crime.
  • If the applicable crimes cover not limited to assaults and sexual offenses.
  • It is eligible for compensation when the crime is reported to the police at a bearable time.
  • The crime must have happened within two years.
  • The payment should cover the pain & suffering, medical bills, counseling, funeral expenses, loss of earnings, and other expenses.