Get the best quality wall paper to give your home a new feel

Wallpapers have become a new way of decorating the interiors. They have revolutionized the interior designing industry and are now made available in several materials and amazing designs. No matter, it is the wallpaper or the wallpaper borders, you can buy your desirable wallpapers for different areas of your house. You can buy the wallpapers for giving a unique theme to your place like flower, wild animals, cartoon characters etc. The geometric patterns are highly in trend these days.

Different materials in which you can get the wallpapers

Vinyl wallpaper

It is most in-demand wallpaper in the market. It includes four types, paper backed, vinyl coated, solid vinyl and fabric backed. You can easily install this kind of wallpaper in your desirable space like living room, bed room and kitchen. This wallpaper also requires less maintenance.  It also does not cause any damage to the wall paint if you remove it.

Textile wallpaper

This kind of wallpaper is available in many textures and colors to provide a casual to formal look.  You can get them in silk, velvet, fabric, cotton etc. depending on the composition. If it looks dirty then you can easily wash it for removing the dirt and odor.

wallpaper borders

Grass cloth wallpaper

It is made up of natural grass which is woven with cotton threads. It is made up of natural materials so it is also environmentally friendly. If you want to install it for a long time then you should use a strong adhesive. These are less expensive and need special attention when it comes to maintenance.

Metallic wallpaper

These are thin sheets of metal applied on the paper backing. This kind of wallpaper has reflective quality and it is beneficial for dark spaces in the house. It comes in various colors like gold, silver, copper etc. Metallic wallpaper is the best option for giving a contemporary look to your room.

 Photo wallpaper

It comes in various designs and you can get them as per the theme you want to set in the room. If you wish to decorate your kid’s room with jungle theme, then you can get the animal wall papers in several designs. You can also give a bold look to your living room by installing wallpapers with animals printed on it in bright colors. The photo wallpapers are moisture resistive.

Natural bamboo

Natural bamboo wallpaper is manmade wallpaper that is made using natural elements like bamboo. It has different variations in colors so you can choose your desirable color for your home décor.