If you never heard of Roomba, you should because the brand has been putting out some pretty solid innovation as a vacuum company dedicated to creating smart vacuums as far as cleaning is concerned. They are smart in a sense that it can do multiple things at the same time, you can program and control it remotely using your mobile device. It can do the work for you, not too loud and pet-friendly as well

Over the course of time roomba has been relentless in their pursuit of making their products better and smarter. This comes as no surprise that many people are fans of their product line. If you just got into the smart vacuum and you want to integrate it in your home, there are many smart vacuums that you can buy. If you wish to buy a Roomba, there are also quite a few selections to choose from and learn more. But with so many models, which one is the right one for you? To answer that you need to consider a few things.

Consider the function: Because it’s a smart vacuum, there are obviously a ton of specs and functions that it will provide you. But the question is, do you really need all of those? Some yes and some you don’t. Its a vacuum after all and you don’t fiddle with it too much. You leave it to be autonomous and do the cleaning for you, so by the time you get home, your house is spotlessly clean. You also need to understand that smart vacuums are only good for small items, anything bigger and heavy might cause a problem for it. So if you have that, maybe it’s not for you.

Consider the price: Smart vacuums are getting pricier, not just because of inflation, but because each update that they make (Roomba is not an exception) gives it the best software and hardware that it can find, aside from that, there are also hours, weeks, months to even years of product testing. It will get pricier over time as new models come along, but older models will become cheaper as well. It’s because any technology is a depreciating asset and if you are on a budget, you can explore that option or buying it used.

Consider the space: No matter how quiet, flat, rounded and small these smart vacuums are, the fact is that, these vacuums will take up space. Roomba just like any smart vacuum company has been making a vacuum in various sizes. With houses, flats and condos are getting smaller and smaller, a wiggle room is a luxury and having bigger vacuum doesn’t help.

Buying smart vacuums can be a pain, especially if you don’t have a brand and model in mind. But there are ways to identify the best brands and the smart vacuum ideal for you. For a Roomba Models, visit the link for more details to know your options and help you decide which of their models is perfect for you.