Interior designing

In this day and age of social media, opportunities are enormous. All we need to do is grab them.Social media gives you a platform to showcase your abilities in interior designing.You can market your Interior Design portfolio on social media to attract clients and grow your business.

All kinds of spaces can be transformed by professional interior designers to increase the functional of the space and to give it an aesthetic appeal Modern Industrial Home Interior Design Singapore is one such firm that with its expertise in designing creates spaces based on the clients taste.

Social media is a great platform for you to reach out to people. If you are not marketing your brand on social media platforms you are missing out on opportunities. Social media can help you in a great way to make potential clients out of your followers.

These are a few key points that can help you start strategizing your interior designing brand.

Choosing the social media platforms

Once you decide on stepping into the world of marketing on social media,  the first thing to decide is the platforms that you want to use in order to do the same. There are many platforms to get more exposure like pinterest, instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

So how do you choose what platform is right for your portfolio? The most crucial point is to decide who your target audience is. The hobbies, interest, income etc. are a few characteristics that will help you choose your audience and the platform to reach out to the right people who may be interested in your profile.

Interior designing

Establishing your brand style

As an interior designer, you must have a unique style of designing that will make you stand out from your competitors. Having a brand style and familiarizing your audience to your style, gives you your unique identity as an interior designer. Your audience starts associating you with the kind of style. Having a brand voice at the same time that defines your style is equally important. Your interior designing style could be casual, fun , formal or however you like it and it becomes your voice on the platform.

Creating visual content

Interior designing is all about the visual look and feel. Your best strategy to draw the audience to your designs is to post pictures and videos of your work. This will grab instant attention from your audience who could very well be potential clients. Post a before and after comparison of your work. Give the audience a tour of the space you created by posting a video. This will help you immensely to get more exposure.

Social Media Advertising

It will help you to a great extent if you run ads on social media. It is paid and so it reflects as sponsored usually in the users’ feeds. Your ad should have high quality visuals that will keep your target audience engaged. This is the best way to promote your portfolio and get more business.

Now that you know the basics, go ahead and launch your social media campaign!