Quartz is a versatile material that has been in use over the years for home decor, furnishings, and much more. Renowned for strength, luster, and abundance, quartz makes the best table and kitchen tops. A great addition to your kitchen and drawing rooms, tabletops made of compressed quartz will make your guests awe in amazement. One can avail of the quartz table top Singapore at low prices, worthy of praise.

Why prefer quartz over granite?

Quartz is tough as compared to granite, which makes it more durable and indestructible. The lack of a porous surface assists in keeping a check on the microbial accumulation, rendering it bacteria-free. Tabletops made up of quartz are stain, and scratch-resistant, thereby requiring the least number of cleaning sessions.

They come in a wide range of colors, styles, and designs, responsible for attracting more and more users.

Prerequisites for buying a quartz tabletop

  • Colour: When the need comes to choosing, everyone wants to get their favoritecolor in everything possible. Quartz table tops come in a wide range of colors, from light to dark tones. Whether you are a black lover or a peace seeker in whites, you can avail all of them in the form of the tabletop.
  • Dimensions: depending on the space and type of work table required, the length, breadth, and thickness of the tabletop can be estimated. These are available in the form of slabs in varied dimensions and can be bought at the convenience of the consumers.
  • Profile: besides color and dimensions, the edge structure adds to the beauty of quartz table tops. One can choose from a wide variety of options such as flat, chamfered, round, beveled, double beveled, ogee, mitered edge, and many more.

Taking good care of your tabletop

Even though Quartz table tops are known to be acid and alkali-resistant, regular cleaning sessions and good care must ensure long life and natural luster. The following points must be kept in mind while handling your tabletops:

  • Spilled food should be wiped off before it dries and forms a permanent stain.
  • Contact with decalcifiers, oil solvents, and associated products should be avoided.
  • Physical abuses may result in distortion of shape, surface wear, tear, and color degradation. 

Diverse uses of quartz

Besides being used in tabletops, quartz can also form laboratory counters, bathroom vanity tops, indoor flooring, staircases, window sills, etc. Its diverse use mainly lies in the fact that it requires low maintenance and ensures durability.

A quartz table top Singapore can be easily be availed online by consumers. One can type in a few words and bring the versatility of quartz to drawing rooms and kitchens.