-For everyone worrying how to clean their homes without getting too messy, here is a solution that suits you all.

  • Ever heard of microfiber mop the number 1 mop in market which has come up with the combinednew age technology of traditional mops but avoiding all the hassle of cleaning. They are a form of self cleaning and very efficiently working pieces of home appliances. The customers not only get their hands on some very proactive mop technique of floor cleaning in the form of easy to use non-scratch scrubbing pad.
  • Let’s hear about the various fascinating features of the mopping techniques that can be implemented by the use of this rubber maid reveal spray mop. This is everyday use mop which looks very similar to the regular or traditional mops and comprises of all of it’s features and even more. Like having strong mopping pad with specialized cloth design which is made to soak in heavy amounts of water and allow one to keep mopping for a long time without having to empty frequently.
  • The mop is said to clean even the most sneakiest corners of the house which can have a build up of large amounts of dirt and is said to clean it very easily. Also after the use of this mop there are no signs of any stubborn stains and after appearance of using a mop. Hence this is the best choice for houses with wooden flooringsand equally works for hardwood, vinyl , laminate, tile floorings.

Additional features of the rubber maid reveal spray mop

  • The additional part included to this mop is it spinner which doesn’t require any charging or electronic and can spin itself with one trigger and the microfiber pad can be reused accordingly. Hence having the microfiber pad in place can remove up to 50% more dirt than usual with its microfiber technology. No need to buy added refills from the market. This saves a lot of trouble and time. Not only this it makes the daily house hold chores easy and manageable.
  • It comes with the spill safe guarantee but has few leaks while removing from the bucket and moving the bucket across the floor should be done manually, which may see a few leaks here and there while moving the bucket across the floor but which can be eventually cleaned with the mop itself. This can result in extra clean floors and spot on cleaning techniques. Along with this the cleaning can be improved by adding a spoon or two of detergent or any other chemical to hot water In the bucket which ensures easy cleaning.