Using window tint to darken your windows and control the amount of light coming into your home can be an easy and affordable way to make your house more comfortable and help you save money on heating and cooling costs. It’s also one of the simplest Do-It-Yourself projects you can do around the house, so if you’re looking to make some home improvements on the cheap, consider San Antonio window tint yourself. Here are five ways to tint your home windows like a pro.

1) What You Need

To tint your windows like a pro, you’ll need window film (it comes in various sizes), window cleaner, and razor blades. A spray bottle and masking tape might also come in handy. Consider any windows that you will be unable to remove for privacy reasons. If there are people who will not be able to open the windows for ventilation or if there is only one way out of the room or building, use a glass sealant instead of window film.

2) How You Get Started

There are many different ways that you can tint your windows. You might have the chance to visit a shop and do it professionally, but chances are that this would be an expensive solution. If you don’t want to spend the money and time though, there are alternatives for you at home.


3) Window Prep Tips

To get the most from your San Antonio window tint, it’s important to prepare your windows before installation. Clean your windows, remove any stickers or adhesive, and seal all cracks in the window frames. There are two common options for preparing your windows for tinting: putty or 2-sided tape. Putty comes in four-foot-wide rolls that can be cut into strips of varying widths.

4) Tools You’ll Need

You’ll need the following tools for installing window tint: Masking paper and adhesive, Razor blade, Damp cloth, Tin tacks, Squeegee, Window Film, Tape, Clean rags, Headlamp, Gloves.

5) Final Steps

Now that you’ve cleaned and dried your windows, it’s time to roll out the tint. First, start at the top of your window and measure down approximately half of the height. Then cut a rectangle-shaped piece of tint that is 4 wide and 3/4 tall and apply it horizontally over the window pane using your own adhesive solution. Continue this process until you have covered all areas in need of tinting.