A place where mineral-rich water is used for medicinal baths and relaxation is called a spa. These are specially done in Europe and Japan. IKEDA SPA introduced the first Japanese spa in Singapore since 2009.

SPA has incredible healing power; the flow of breath can be sensed in this method. Improving your sense of the moment is at the core of our wellbeing. They use natural ingredients for treatments; the ingredients include

  • Flowers
  • Fruits
  • Natural oils
  • Mineral Water
  • and etc.

There are several methods of SPA used for relaxation. List of few methods

  • Rain mist
  • Fresh Aomori
  • Facial deep cleaning customized
  • Acne facial
  • BB Glow Treatment
  • Anti-aging facial

Rain mist

With this method, you don’t have to move to the outdoors for refreshing in the rain. They have natural mineral-contained water with shower equipment. Make to feel like rain shower with streamed mineral water bath along a treating body message.

spa in Singapore

Fresh Aomori

This method consists of a spacious bath with fresh fruits in mineral water and an open air bath. IKEDA SPA offers the same experience as a Japanese spa in Singapore. They use fresh Aomori apples, including a relaxing Fuji, which helps to relax your mind and tension free. The apples are also made to float in the bath tab with mineral water. You can have a 30 minute bath in the tab that helps to boost your blood circulation and reduce the tension. If you have more time, you can take a bath for 90 minutes to get rid of all the tension and pain.

Facial deep cleaning customized

A deep cleaning and skin analysis is done to exfoliate using enzymes after a steam relaxing massage. A hydro jelly mask is applied to your skin if you wish. After that, applying a serum and moisturizing night cream, the facial is completed and makes your face bright.

Acne facial

This is a deep cleaning facial used to purify the skin and shape your face to unclog the pores.

BB Glow Treatment

This treatment is used to remove the pigment on your face without any surgery. This process includes a Nano-needle to penetrate into the skin and remove the pigment located on the skin. It helps to add nutrients to your skin and add color to your skin.

Anti-aging facial

These methods make use of noninvasive modalities that help to provide effective results on wrinkles, tighten and hydrate your skin, increase the brightness tone, and make your skin look young.