What Clinic for Women's Health Singapore Can Provide You

Women’s wellness varies from men’s in a variety of ways. Women’s clinics are thus accessible to focus exclusively on women’s healthcare and provide a variety of medical evaluations and medication alternatives.

What is a women’s clinic?

Several women’s clinics, equipped with a complete group of OB/GYN doctors, midwives, and reproductive experts, also provide sophisticated rehabilitative treatments and in-depth tests that primary care doctors and polyclinics cannot. Some clinics further broaden their services to encompass all elements of female well-being, such as nutrition programs, confidential sexual health consultations, preventative care, and breast care facilities for women with breast cancer.

A women’s clinic is a dedicated sector of healthcare services that focuses on diagnosing and assessing illnesses and ailments that impair a woman’s physical and mental well-being. There are many clinic for women’s health singapore to serve women.

clinic for women's health singapore

Services provided by women clinic

  1. General Screening

Preventive healthcare screenings are occasionally performed at women’s clinics, and they include frequent gynecologic check-ups, which involve a pelvic examination and a chest examination. Women can also get Pap tests for cervical cancer at such clinics. Breast cancer screening is also provided and could aid in the upfront detection of the condition, ensuring that treatment is delivered appropriately. Women’s clinics also provide hormone screening for menopause for girls and women. Certain women’s clinics additionally offer testing for sexually transmitted illnesses.

  1. Vaccinations

We all know that prevention is superior to cure. Women’s clinics provide immunizations against the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), which may cause disease in certain forms. The HPV vaccines can help protect from other forms of cancer that assault the reproductive organs. Women who have babies are strongly advised to acquire the Hepatitis B vaccination, which is available at women’s clinics because the infection is usually transferred from mother to baby after childbirth.

  1. Fertility, family planning, and the contraceptive methods 

A women’s clinic may help with fertility difficulties, family planning, and contraception prescriptions, among other things. Couples experiencing problems conceiving will profit immensely from the knowledge of a women’s clinic. Assessment of infertility disorders, as well as physical and pharmaceutical therapies, are available. IVF is another popular technique performed at such facilities or by reproductive experts.

  1. Pregnancy and postpartum care

Women’s clinics provide a variety of prenatal, pregnancy, and post-natal care. Obstetricians see various problems, including breach deliveries, increased risk pregnancies, and hereditary diseases.