mitral regurgitation

Winter is considered to be the season of love, joy and parties. But there are some ill effects of winter that you probably don’t know. According to the research evidence, it could be stated that respiratory issues get highly increased in the numbers during this winter season. Also, it has few negative effects on the human cardiovascular system. Top specialists have stated that winter is not an ideal season for people with serious cardiovascular issues.

Here we are listing some ill effects of cold on our cardiovascular health that most people don’t know yet:-

Affects The Valves- Heart valves play a major role in the normal functioning of the human heart. During the winter season, these valves get badly affected. These valves don’t get closed properly because of stiffness or other respiratory issues caused by this extreme cold temperature. And as a result, the blood flow in our heart gets disrupted. This condition is primarily known as mitral regurgitation which can cause symptoms like feelings of exhaustion, breathing difficulty, shortness of breathing and more.

Increases Blood Pressure- Increased blood pressure is highly dangerous for one’s heart. But during this winter season, your heart suffers more from the issue of lack of oxygen. And such a thing can cause breathing trouble so your heart has to put more pressure on pumping blood and gathering the needed oxygen. And in this process of pumping blood, your body may have ended up with an increased level of blood pressure.

Coronary Artery Disease- Unlike other treatable heart issues like mitral regurgitation this is more life-threatening and sometimes doesn’t give one enough time to receive needed treatments. During this winter season, one’s heart arteries get affected and narrowed. As such your heart may get serious trouble pumping blood. And as a result heart failure occurs often in the winter season.

mitral regurgitation

Heart Attack- People don’t sweat much during the winter months. And as result, the thickness of blood becomes increases. In such a situation, your heart needs to put an additional effort to pump the needed or sufficient blood and in such a process your heart gets more pressurised. And eventually, this whole process directly affects our heart’s functionality. This is what we call a heart attack.

Breathing Trouble- Our respiratory system gets majorly affected in this winter season. And as a result, our heart gets into trouble with the issue called lack of oxygen. This is the major reason why people feel suffocated during winter. Also, the issue of breathing trouble gets increased in number during this season of cold.

Thus to conclude, winter is not that friendly to our hearts. So start taking care from now. Stay active, eat healthily and have your regular heart check-up done. Good luck.