Healthy lifestyle

Most people are leading a sedentary life these days. They are spending a lot of time sitting in offices and at home. This is not healthy at all. Obesity and being overweight brings in several killer diseases like Type-2 Diabetes that most people are not even aware of. It is high time for people to get up from their couches and start a fitness journey for a happier and healthier life.

Selin Sakarcan – Motivation and discipline is the need of the hour

Selin Sakarcan is a credible and highly esteemed podiatrist from Pennsylvania. She comes from a Turkish-American home and intensely loves the Turkish culture and language. She has a passion for languages, and it developed when she was in school learning French, which she took as her major while studying neuroscience.

Currently, she is a business owner and working towards creating a non-profit called Back on My Feet in Connecticut. She loves sports and is an athlete who regularly runs in marathons.

The need to motivate people to get fit and stay healthy

Before you motivate others to become fit, you first need to follow a disciplined fitness regime yourself. You should take out at least 30 minutes to one hour of exercise daily. This does not mean you need to hit the gym for exercise; you can do many other activities like walking, running, bicycling, skipping, swimming, etc. If you find them boring, you can always engage in the sports you like. The key is before motivating others, first motivate yourself to be fit and healthy.

According to her, you need to motivate others to exercise for a healthy life. In the beginning, it is hard for you to convince others to become healthy and fit. If they are willing to put in the effort, it is not hard for you to convince them at all. Given below are some helpful tips she suggests you can embrace when you are motivating others to lead a better and fitter, healthier life-

  1. Set a realistic fitness goal– Exercise does not need to be torture. All you need to do is help the other person set a daily fitness goal they can achieve. With the passage of time, they can raise the limits of their goals and step out of their comfort zone to achieve the new one set. In this way, they will see progress in small baby steps.
  1. Write down the goals– This makes it simple for the person to stay disciplined and motivated to stick to their goals. They can keep the paper in a place that they can easily see every morning to be reminded of their goals for the day.
  1. Work out in groups– Group exercises are extremely motivating and recommended for those people who find it really hard to work out on their own. Moreover, the group motivates each other, and the exercise regime with them can be really fun.

According to Selin Sakarcan, these are small practical tips that really go a long way to help you stay healthy and fit. Not only will you lose weight, but you will also boost mental health and work productivity!