In the last few years, the expenses in medical facilities and hospitals have increased manifolds, especially in the European countries. With insurance companies providing part or no coverage on many of the serious and cosmetic ailments, people, in general are compelled to pay up from their own pockets to avail the treatment or procedure. Hence, they have been looking for other options, where they can avail quality treatments and medical facilities of very high quality. This is something that cannot be compromised upon. India is considered to be one such safe haven for patients looking for various types of surgeries and medical therapies.

All types of medical facilities

The fact is India is fast emerging to be a medical hub, where patients from all over the world can seek treatments of all types, be it serious or cosmetic type. Medical tourism in India has only been increasing with passing time. This is because of the emergence of top class hospitals and high end medical facilities catering to all types of ailments. These hospitals do boast of having all types of modern and sophisticated medical equipments, laboratories, facilities, etc. that will be required for safe and proper medical treatment. There are innumerous medical procedures that are conducted in the top hospitals that are spread throughout the country such as transplantation, surgery, replacement, bypass, palliative care and rehabilitation care. Some of the diseases which could be treated in the country are heart bypass, cancer, dental issues, hip and knee replacement, etc. Few medical fields that the country is known to be popular for are cardiology, oncology, dermatology, ophthalmology, and others.

Available resources

Ayurvedic treatments, an ancient form of safe treatment procedure is said to attract tourists from different countries, including the advanced ones. As a matter of fact, the medical industry in the country and medical tourism India as a whole is said to be booming. There are qualified physicians, nurses and medical team who are talented, experienced and well trained. Many of them have earned their degrees abroad and also have relevant experience in their specific field. This is what actually makes the foreign patients to have more faith in the Indian physicians.

Moreover, the track record of the different surgical options provided here is of top class, which is another significant factor for boosting medical tourism. Besides physicians, the medical industry is also said to have ample space for individuals who are involved in this industry such as the medical tourism consultants, medical attendants, facilitators, pharmacists, etc. This is rather a vast industry having a current size of around $3 billion. Tourist arrivals have been estimate to be about 230,000. According to statistics this number is expected only to double by the next year with the size being around $6 billion. India also does boast of having some of the very best certified medical specialists and professionals who are dedicated in their domain and have been offering relief to their patients. Besides this, the cost involved in the different medical procedures here are significantly lower than that of the European countries.