Using the toilet and having a bath are parts of everyday life. For people with limited mobility, these activities are not that simple anymore. They need assistance when using the toilet. There are some who struggle to maintain personal hygiene because it is difficult to stay upright in the shower.

With this, you need to modify your bathroom to create a safe haven for the people you love with limited mobility. Modifying the bathroom can make them feel more in control. The good news is that there are many mobility aids that you can consider for your bathroom. Mobility aids will guarantee a degree of control, support, safety, and independence.

Mobility aids can change lives for the better. Here are some bathroom mobility aids that you can consider for your loved ones with limited mobility:

Bathroom safety rails

Falling is a serious accident for seniors. You have to know that their bodies can no longer withstand such trauma. The falls can result in hip fractures, lacerations or worst, head traumas. With this in mind, you need to install safety rails in the bathroom. If you fear your loved ones slipping in the shower, safety rails should be installed. The good news is that it can be installed easily.

The rails will take their weight and help them move around the bathroom safely. It is attached securely to the wall so they can safely grab it for stability. These rails are permanent. If you do not want permanent rails on your bathroom walls, you can look for portable grip handles that are attached via suction.

Walk-in showers

If your loved ones couldn’t easily go to the bathroom for a shower, you can consider walk-in showers. These look like enclosures but you will be surprised because it looks stylish. Walk-in showers actually became popular because of its aesthetic aspect. It features foldaway seats for the user, which will inevitably reduce the risk of falls and slips.

Shower seats

If your loved ones can go to the shower but struggle to stand, shower seats are ideal. Shower seats are inexpensive and easy to clean. If you want to clean it, a simple wipe will do. Most importantly, shower seats take the pressure off on their feet while having an exhilarating shower every morning.

Bath lifts

A hot bath is good for the body. For people with limited mobility, getting in and out of the tub can be very challenging. Fortunately, there is an electric mechanism that allows the users to enjoy the tub anytime they want with just a touch of a button. This will allow the users to lower and raise themselves without someone assisting them.

Toilet booster seats

Toilet booster seats are specialised seats that allow the users to sit on top of a regular seat to give it more height. It is padded and comfortable. It will make the users stand easily after using the toilet.

For people with limited mobility, moving, in general, is critical because of the risk of falling. Knowing this, it is vital that you install or purchase mobility aids not only in the bathroom but also around the house. At the end of the day, it is not something that you should forgo to ensure the safety of your loved ones. Check for more options.