Personal preference plays a big role in deciding whether to wear contact lenses or glasses. Your specific situation may demand the use of contacts over glasses or vice versa. Convenience, comfort, budget and lifestyle are all the factors that go into your decision-making process. Just keep in mind that when choosing between the two vision correcting instruments, one is not necessarily better than the other as both have their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of eye health, vision and ease of usage. Reports have estimated that approximately 60% of the population use vision correction with the most popular options being glasses and contact lenses. When it comes to availing them, contact lenses can be shipped in much faster to your doorstep. ‘Lens Village’ offers contact lenses made in Korea and provides the option for worldwide delivery for orders over $40.

Glasses offer many benefits over contact lenses when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

If you have dry or sensitive eyes, glasses are the way to go as you need not touch your eyes while wearing them, so it relatively decreases your chances of getting an eye infection. Hence, they do not exacerbate the problem like contact lenses do. In the long run, they also become cheaper than contact lenses as they need not be replaced as often. When it comes to lifestyle, glasses may act as an extension of your personality and you can customize it to your needs to make a bold fashion statement. Considering all their positive attributes, glasses also have their negatives. If your frames are small, your extreme peripheral vision may not be correct and you may experience vertigo or nausea. Glasses have plastic or metal that usually contacts your temples and nose pads which may cause discomfort every time you wear them; sometimes, they can even cause migraine and sinus congestions. They are not safe if you are playing extreme sports and those who are clumsy might get irritated by how easy they are to break

With all that being said about glasses, since contact lenses were invented, their popularity has only increased with time. Contact lenses can correct vision problems in your entire field of vision and not just in the peripheral area. The softer types of contact lenses are safer to use while playing sports and once they are inserted, they can be forgotten for the day. Unlike glasses, they do not fog up or slide down your nose and in some cases, contact lenses are even relatively cheaper than specialty glasses. However, not everyone can tolerate the use of contact lenses. Removing and inserting them requires a mastery in itself. Some people may experience irritation and blurred vision if they use them for an extended time.

So, contact lenses or glasses? Again, it is all about personal preference. It is important to keep in mind that whether you are using glasses or lenses, both have their own maintenance requirements. It is recommended to pick your choice with the help of a doctor.