obstetrics meaning

For many people, the terms obstetrics and gynecology may sound very similar but while they function in the same field their area of expertise is quite different.  The former specializes more in times of pregnancy, focusing on conceiving and issues related to it which the latter focuses on the general reproductive well-being of an individual. While you may not generally find these two fields intersecting, a lot of specialists practice facets of both these areas. Looking for obstetrics singapore will lead you to a lot of search results resulting from small individual practices to large hospitals.

When do you need to see one?

obstetrics singapore

Obstetricians mostly treat issues related to childbirth and maternal care so if you find yourself in need of some care during this period, they are the solution. If you have a high-risk pregnancy due to an impending health condition, advancing age, or a history of miscarriage, it is recommended that you visit them as soon as possible. They also treat a wide variety of other ailments such as ectopic pregnancy, fetal distress during pregnancy, preeclampsia, disruptions in the placenta before the baby is born, and sepsis.

The best time to see one is when you are planning to get pregnant or already are. They will present you with a multitude of tests to determine the health of the mother and the baby along with medication in case of something that needs treatment. Often, they perform a wide range of surgical operations like cervical cerclage and dilation. The prenatal appointments touch upon a wide range of things such as the history of birth control use, experiences during previous pregnancies that might affect the current one, and follow-up on any medical issues such as gestational diabetes.

Getting a doctor who might be a perfect fit for your requirements will require a bit of research. Not all treatment plans will be suitable for every woman, since each body is built differently and pregnancies unfold differently for everyone. Signs and symptoms also vary greatly across individuals and these require expert guidance. While starting a new family might be a jittery experience for many, having an obstetrician guide you throughout the process can be a rewarding experience. They come loaded with years of experience and can sense trouble from a mile away. Do visit one and get your personalized treatment plan today.