Antigen Test: The Benefits and Risks of Doing Antigen Test

Every people are suffering from the pandemic situation for the last couple of years. And, due to the pandemic, the word antigen has become familiar in every age group people. It is a substance that hampers the body’s immune response when present in it. It can be a bacteria, toxin virus, or chemical entering the body from outside. The antigens are present in tissues and cells of the body, causing immune responses.

You might be thinking, why such an immense introduction to an antigen. Well, it’s because of the antigen test that gets used in testing for Covid 19. This test detects antigens in a nose or throat sample taken from the body. If the sample contains a particular virus, the test will come positive. The kit will show red lines similar to that in a pregnancy test. However, these tests are beneficial because of their simplicity and process speed. It quickly identifies the virus and shows the results within 25-30 minutes. Let’s read more about it in detail.

How does the antigen test work?

An antigen requires a swab sample and a small container. The person needs to take the swab sample from their throat or nose and put it into the container, having liquid containing soap and salt solution. The solution breaks down the sample’s particles. The liquid then gets applied to a test strip containing the virus’ antibodies. In the case of a positive test, a visible red line will appear, indicating the presence of the virus.

antigen test

What are the benefits of the antigen test?

There are numerous benefits of antigen tests, such as:

  • It produces fast results and takes about 30 minutes.
  • The testing process is easy. The person need not be a professional to do this test.
  • It is comparatively less expensive than other Covid tests.

Is there any risk in antigen tests?

Yes, there is a significant risk of this test. It is less accurate than other Covid tests. There is no problem with a person having proper Covid symptoms. The problem arises when the person is asymptomatic and wants to test because of their recent contact with a Covid positive person or any social gathering. Here, PCR tests come out to be more sensitive and accurate.

Last Words

You can use the testing kits even at home by yourself. Nobody needs proper training to use the kit and get the results. All you need to do is be patient and perform the process calmly. After that, wait for the results, and if you feel that the result is false, you can try it again.