Gynaecology the science of females

Gynaecology refers to the branch of medical science which deals with the diseases their prevention and cure and also maintenance of the proper health of the female reproductive organs and their functioning which includes parts like vagina, uterus,fallopian tube,and ovary and also has spread its boundaries to the female breasts. The study of gynaecology five years of medical school to complete firstly to become a general physician and then complete 4 years of residency training in the subject of gynaecology to become a gynaecologist.  The common people refer gynaecology as the science of women. It is the opposite of andrology which deals with the cure and prevention of disease and conservation of health of the male reproductive system which includes the penis, prostate gland, testis, and scrotum.  Gynaecology was earlier a taboo as it was associated with the examination of female genitalia. But now such problems are gone. A gynaecologist can use fingers or instruments like scalpel to examine the female genitalia and genital tract.

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A gynaecologist deals with hormonal problems which is a common in females.  Gynaecologist is someone who deals with the cancer post cancer and precancerous treatments of the female reproductive organs including fallopian tube ovary uterus cervical canal vagina and the outer genitalia such as vulva.There is a huge numer of problems which is associated with menstruation such as amenorrhoeawhich means there is an absence of menstruation, menorrhagia which means having painful or heavy menstrual periods. They may give medical or conduct surgery for the treatment for such conditions. The gynaecologist also deals with fungal viral bacterial and protozoa treatment infections and diseases of the uterus, cervix, vagina and fallopian tube. Infertility is a prevailing problem in today’s generation, with every fifth person having problems during conception.They treat the cases of infertility if the infertility is due to the femaleamong the couple and they are having conception problems.Conditions such as ovarian cysts and polycystic ovary are cured by gynaecologist. Gynaecology also takes care ofwith the prolapse of the organs which are situated in the female pelvic region. Sometimes the UTI or urinary tract infection the incontinence of urine are very problematic conditions for female such diseases are also caused by gynaecologist. Although then i also cured by and urologist. You will get all of these and probably the best gynaecology treatment in India only, among the whole world.

 In earlier times gynaecologist not allowed to conduct surgery but now surgery is done backbone of gynaecology.Some of the surgeries which are conducted by a gynaecologist include appendectomy tubal ligation, hysterectomy, removal of the uterine contents for various diseases and laparoscopy for medical reasons. Earlier there wasa preference of more female gynaecologist than male gynaecologist, but now the skill of the gynaecologist is his or her most powerful weapon. A common problem a person faces is to distinguish between an obstetrician and gynaecologist. Obstetrician deals only with the diseases and conditions of a pregnant woman and her foetus, the labour and delivery of new born and the care of a new born. Gynaecologist refers to deal with the diseases concerning two female reproductive organs. Most of the gynaecologists now are obstetrician also.