There are a lot of ways on how to have that overall body weight gain. Here are some steroids that can help you speed up in gaining weight. But like any other method, if you don’t put work and effort to it, it’s going to be useless.


Weight Gain: 20 – 30 lbs

Dianabol is being used by most bodybuilders during offseason to gain as much weight mass as they can. By doing this the time that they start they start reducing again they will be able to compete on a much heavier weight due to the additional mass stored. So if you wanted to gain weight Dianabol is the weapon of choice for you.


Weight Gain: 15 lbs

Trenbolone is known for its verticality. This steroid can help you gain the mass that you need during offseason cycle and helps to limit fat gain. At the same time, this can also be used during a cut to help you preserve as much muscle as possible.

This anabolic does not include any fluid retention. So the during the 4-week cycle all those 15 lbs that you produce are pure lean muscle weight. This doesn’t sound much but if you put it into context this is pure muscle and no fat or water included.

Deca Durabolin:

Weight Gain: 15 – 20 lbs

Deca is also similar to Trenbolone in a sense that it does not retain water or fat instead the amount of weight you gain is pure muscle. The only difference is that Deca does not burn fat like Trenbolone.

Just a little trivia Deca is one of the bulking steroids the Hollywood action star Arnold Schwarzenegger is using during offseason that helped him to be crowned Mr. Olympia


Weight Gain: 15 lbs

Testosterone is the steroid that you would want to choose if you wanted to gain weight but don’t want to bloat too much. Testosterone Sustanon is the best testosterone to likely pack your muscle mass like trenbolone.

Additional Information:

The weight that you gain during this cycle is permanent so all the weight that you gain will remain. All steroids that cause water retention to the body will most likely result to you in gaining more weight but when you cycle off some of this will also be lost.

Two of the steroids that come with water retention:

  • Dianabol
  • Anadrol

Steroids that does not come with water retention

  • Trenbolone
  • Deca Durabolin

Testosterone is a steroid that will come with a little water weight.

Summary: These steroids are proven and tested to help you gain weight. But without discipline, all this will be meaningless. Meaning you will need to the right amount of work and effort to achieve your goal. And if you have chosen to go the route of using a steroid to gain weight be sure to use it safely. Make sure that you and your body is ready for this. Don’t abuse it and use with proper caution. Be aware of the side effects that come along with it.