Any cancer treatment deals with a combination of treatments that includes radiation, chemotherapy along with surgery. All of them are known to have their own side effects. These are known to last for a long time and have an impact on your daily day to day activities as well. This is pretty much like medications for infections in pregnancy that needs to be addressed before it gets too late. As per the oncology pregnancy medicine it is important to cope up with the side effects as that is something that cannot be avoided

Let us now go through some of the common side effects of cancer treatment


Once again the fact comes to the fore that chemotherapy with the aid of medication goes on to kill the cancer cells. This prevents the cancer cells from spreading to other parts of the body. Sometimes medication could cause nausea along with vomiting. Most often than not the doctor is going to prescribe anti-nausea drugs. This is going to help you cope with nausea. Do make it a point that the drugs are prescribed regularly. Another effective tip to cope up with nausea is to restrict too much spicy or fried food. To keep away from greasy food would not be a bad idea as well.


Nearly 75 % of cancer patients are known to suffer from fatigue. Here it goes on to have an impact on the various types of cancer treatment. In case of some patient they are known to suffer from anaemia. In fact it is rated to be one of the major side effects of cancer treatment. One of the most common ways to get rid of fatigue but if rest is not going to get rid of it, then your day to day activities are going to be affected. In order to cope up with it . Do exercise on a daily basis and make it a point that your diet is full of nutritious food. This is going to make your mind fresh as fatigue could pave way for depression as well. Do make it a point that you follow the post operative treatment that is suggested by the doctor and the key is to have a balance diet with proper exercise.

Hearing loss

Chemoterhapy could lead to irreversible hearing loss. It has been observed that damage to the inner portion of the ears is caused where it does become insensitive to sound waves. The only way to combat it with regular visits to the doctor and if the problem goes on to become more severe than and implant would be a worthy option.

Hair loss

With the aid of chemotherapy the dividing cells in your body are destroyed. What it does indicate is that it could go on to impact the hair roots as well. Not only are the hair of the head but eye brows and other areas of the body that have hair on them going to be facing the consequences as well.