freedom of religion

There are various religions in the world. Every religion has its thoughts and belief. Faith is a belief and practice of the social community. Every religion belongs to every person. The ritual can be used in the matter of religion and spirituality.

Everybody believes that there is someone above all of us. Every religion has its image of God. Everyone must respect all faith and spirituality, and anybody can have their own beliefs and thoughts regarding their devotion.

Sometimes, there are issues created due to differences in people’s faith and beliefs. So, there is a fundamental human right made by the UN General Assembly. Article 9 protects the right to freedom of thought, opinion, and religion.

In the right to freedom of religion, you can change your religion or belief at any time. This article also includes the right to put thoughts and faith in action. It gives the right to wear your religious clothes and discuss their belief and take part in spiritual worship.

It is said that there is a physical sense in the nationality because it depends upon the nation a person is living. But in the case of religion and spiritualism, there is no physical sense in the right to freedom of religion.

This article is not only for the religious people but also for the non-religious people like atheists, agnostic, veganism, and pacifist. It gives the right to people to practice their religion.

Under this article, it is essential to protect and respect the person’s belief as it is a crucial aspect of human life.

 freedom of religion

Why do we need the freedom to religion?

Religion is considered an essential aspect of society and human life. Faith is not just personal worship, but it involves public gathering on social and moral issues. There are many different societies and organizations in the world where they practice their religion. They have faith and thoughts in their own opinions.

Freedom to religion is vital because this religious freedom protects the right of many societies and the health of diverse communities. Therefore, the religious rights of the world are essential and necessary for the people.

Sum up

Religious freedom doesn’t mean that people can impose their beliefs on other people just because one has a massive trust in one’s faith. Everybody should be given the freedom to have their own opinions, and the person will not be able to feel free any longer. The person should not be forced any thoughts and religion. So, human rights should be taken seriously and must be followed. If anybody denies these fundamental rights should be punished.