Politics and entertainment are two of the most competitive fields in the modern world, where one needs a lot of dedication and perseverance to reach to the top. Roger Wolfson however is one such individual who has managed to pass all hurdles and climb up the ladder in both of these domains. He is a New Haven, Connecticut, based American TV writer and screenwriter. Over the years, he has written for multiple TV series, including Century City, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Fairly Legal, and Saving Grace. He also was a staff to four U.S Senators, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Paul Wellstone, and Joe Lieberman.

While there are many professionals who like to wear many hats, only few are able to accomplish success in diversified roles. Roger Wolfson is one of those people. He has managed to make his mark in the field of political and TV writing, as well as has an adequate level of experience in the field of law. There would be numerous people who might have heard the speeches written by him, or watched the TV show episodes that he penned. He has served as a full time speechwriter for sitting US Senators, as well as a part-time speechwriter for multiple other politicians, including US presidential candidates.

There are many elements that have helped Roger Wolfson to achieve the success he has today. Two of them have been mentioned in the following pointers:

  • Studious nature: Wolfson has been a studious person from a very young age, and had a keen interest in the subjects of law, English and ethics. These three were in fact the subjects he took during his university days. Prior to acquiring a Masters degree in writing from the Johns Hopkins University, he had completed a degree in politics. His studious nature served as a key foundation for his writing capability, and assisted him to flourish in his career.
  • Dynamic roles: In his expansive career span, Roger Wolfson had accepted a variety of roles, which helped him in becoming a better writer.  Just a while after completing his education, he became a legislator and staffer for John Kerry. Wolfson however had the zest to optimally utilize his writing capabilities, and went on to work on TV shows. While there are many who tend to be apprehensive about diversifying their career path due to the risk of failure, Wolfson trusted his skills and got the chance to work on multiple hit TV shows like Law and Order. He even has his own show on Crackle. The fact that Wolfson wanted to enhance his skillet and was open to working in dynamic roles played a major role in paving his path to success.

The elements mentioned above assisted Roger Wolfson to become a person of relevance in both politics and the entertainment industry. He also is a contributor to the Huffington Post, and his columns are loved by many. Owing to the wealth of experience he has in the fields of entertainment, politics and law, Wolfson has always something interesting and insightful to share with others.