natural fiber

The world uses cotton more than any other type of natural fiber. It is primarily grown and used to make cloth. Being a natural product, and considering the manner it is designed and manufactured into clothing, cotton has a number of advantages. They can control moisture, provide comfort, insulate and more. It additionally is a hypoallergenic, weatherproof and durable fabric. Due to their advantages, people across the world prefer wearing cotton clothing. Since cotton’s big price run-up in 2011, brands and retailers have been using less expensive synthetic fibers instead of cotton. To protest against this, the cotton or nothing movement was founded. Joe Cianciotto was also a part of this movement.

Cotton fabric is breathable and has the capability to transmit moisture away from the body. It also is pretty absorbent and can remove liquid from the skin. This quality makes cotton ideal for making towels. Cotton also allows people to stay comfortable as they exercise, by effectively keeping moisture from building up between their clothing and skin. In fact, according to reports, cotton has the ability to cotton can take up to one-fifth of its weight in water before feeling damp. Cotton clothing can additionally provide protection against heat in the summers. It can also offer a certain level of protection against cold during the winters by providing thermal insulation as the cotton fabric ends up trapping air between the fabric fibers. The cotton fibers in clothing can hold the fabric away from the skin, further allowing for more air to be trapped between the skin and fabric which helps with insulation and comfort.  These reasons have made cotton popular among many.

The “Cotton Or Nothing” campaign was launched by Cotton Incorporated. It was an individual campaign meant to promote the use of cotton in the fashion industry. A large number of unclothed mannequins made a statement on the streets of New York City by “protesting”, as a part of the movement.  This campaign was launched anonymously during New York Fashion Week. Through this campaigns, the mannequins ‘invited’ consumers to join the protest by opting to sign the cotton or nothing manifesto and subsequently pictures with the mannequins. More than three hundred individuals showed their support for the campaign by taking part in the Mannequin Protest.  This protest was launched subsequent to the cotton price rice in 2011 owing to which brands started using less expensive synthetic fibers for their garments as opposed to cotton. This campaign was meant to encourage these brands and retailers to return to using cotton. The cotton or nothing movement actually managed to get fueled by the increasing dissatisfaction of consumers with poorly produced clothing.  More than 90,000 people ended up joining the movement to protest against manufacturers replacing cotton with mystery fabrics. Their complaints include fading, odor, pilling, static cling and loss of shape. Joe Cianciotto was among the many that supported the cotton or nothing movement.