Feel the Earth Move

Construction projects, regardless of magnitude, from home building to commercial complexes or high rise condominium buildings require heavy equipment to do the job. Heavy equipment that excavates and grade soil and rock, among other tasks, are generally called earthmoving machinery. They are also essential in demolition, handling overall construction. Here is a rundown of some of the more important earthmoving machinery that has become indispensable in every construction project.


A bulldozer is a robust and substantially heavy machine utilized to move or push piles of dirt along spacious tracks of land. It is one of the strongest and most dependable heavy equipment in areas of construction. Operated by hydraulic pistons, bulldozers have broad, leveled blades in front that moves in a range of angles and depth.

Skid-Steer Loader

Another multi-purpose machine in the market, skid-steer loader is compact, agile and can maneuver in a very limited space, in the same manner as a tank. This makes it ideal for working in small enclosed spaces or in areas where construction has almost been completed. Skid-steer loader provides good traction in snow or mud and is wheel-driven. Soil compaction and damage to completed areas are likewise minimized due to its specialized wheels. Skid-steer loaders come in different sizes and attachments to perform diverse functions in accordance to your specifications.


As the name implies, a trencher is for digging trenches, especially narrow ones for laying pipes and cables. They come in various types and sizes to suit your construction demands ranging from lightweight walk-behind models to heavy-duty ones that can cut through very hard surfaces. Trenchers also have an assortment of digging implements tailored for the particular depth indicated and the materials to be dug.


A scraper is primarily utilized for digging and leveling expansive land areas. A sizeable heavy equipment, it can run fast for cut and fill action and move dirt and debris easily around a construction site. Motor Scrapers are huge self-propelled scrapers while Pull Scrapers are small and are pulled by some other vehicle.

Dump Truck

There is never a construction site without a dump truck. It performs the crucial task of moving most types of heavy materials into or out of site wherever heavy equipment may be allowed. As with the other machinery, dump trucks come in different sizes to accommodate the expected load.


An excavator is massive heavy equipment that are usually driven by tracks though wheels may be used as well. It features a long bucket arm fitted to a cab that is capable of rotation to a full 360 degrees. Excavators are versatile and can have attachments specific for intended purposes. It is commonly utilized for demolition, material handling, excavation, heavy lifting, and other functions.

The purchase of heavy equipment is a major decision. It can cost a lot of money to procure one, and you have to make sure that your resources will come a long way and not go to waste with too steeply-priced or sub-standard machines. Acquire your next heavy equipment from earth moving machinery auctions with Hilco APAC and have peace of mind knowing that your investment is secure.