Teal Swan

People emit energy vibrations to others in the world. These frequencies attract an equal sort of vibration that impacts life. For instance, if you view life with pessimism, your conduct will be the same, and you will attract people with similar vibrations in your life. It sounds astonishing, but you will find it trustworthy if you analyze cases. The same holds for positive vibrations- the happier you are, the more happiness you attract.

Teal Swan is a widely acclaimed spiritual teacher, best-selling author of six books, motivational speaker, and artist of more than 150 frequency paintings. These paintings are visual works of art that invoke positive energies and feelings for healing the soul. Born in Santa Fe in New Mexico, she was born with a wide range of extrasensory gifts. However, she was abused as a child and used her harrowing experience to heal people.

She believes without her experience; she would never have seen the accurate picture and would have been like other spiritual teachers rendering esoteric knowledge of the universe only.

“Like attracts like”- You get what you feel in life

According to her, some people are not aware that they attract what they feel. Most people do not believe this happens; however, it does often and is true. The energies emitted invoke a similar vibration that can either be positive or negative. You can detect these vibrations by understanding how you feel.

Tapping into your inner vibrations helps you know your energy vibrations. If you feel heavy, sad, depressed, etc., you will invite events and people with the same sort of energy to enter into your life. When you are aware of this energy, you can reverse it and change how you feel and invoke it. Silence and introspection will help you to understand your feelings.

Distorted energies bring in sorrow and unhappiness

Distorted energies and vibrations bring in pain and suffering. Often, you do not accept the truth as you feel it will bring you more pain. Knowing and accepting reality helps you liberate yourself and move on. Though this takes a lot of courage, it is possible with awareness.

Bringing in positive change in the world for happiness and peace

If everyone is aware of their true feelings, they can reverse the negative energy frequencies in their lives. You can attain the above with spiritual guidance and self-help tools like meditation, knowledge sessions, and more.

The inward journey helps you to transform

You can attain personal transformation by looking inwards. The journey is sometimes difficult, especially when pent-up sorrow and emotions surface. Guided meditation tools help people manage their feelings and emotions during their inward journey.

Teal Swan ensures that her followers worldwide reach out to her to get an insight into these energy frequencies so they can tune in to the energy frequency best for them. She hosts the popular Ask Teal series on YouTube to connect with her. She answers their queries and offers them spiritual guidance to live better meaningful lives.