About the new testament church

Living as a Christian is not an easy task. Just as Jesus said, “Carry your cross and follow me.” You have to endure really good pain if you claim to be a true Christian. People will know by your fruits that you are a true follower of Christ. Let me ask you for a moment: “Are you bearing good fruit?” If not, then it is time to start bearing good fruit, otherwise God will surprise you.

People in your home and communities are looking at you, the Lord God is looking at you. Be honest and live a laudable life. Forget about his derogatory words. Your reward will come from above

Christian life problems

God never said that being a Christian makes life simple and easy. Since the enemies and the forces of evil are close, they will tempt you. Have you forgotten Job? Despite all his riches and justice, Satan tempted him. He lost all his wealth, including his children. Abandoned and tired, but never gave up on God.

Work is an ideal model for Christians. God restored all that he had lost in half. Therefore, you must be firm in the Lord when life challenges you. Be strong with unchanging faith in Shincheonji.

“Being a Christian is not for the good of women. To live for God, you need a real man, much more than for the devil. “- Johnny Cash


Why do Christians suffer today?

It is a prophecy in the Bible that you will be persecuted. The Chinese government began to persecute Christians and destroy churches, forcing Christians to condemn their faith. Only in the last month (September) the persecution intensified. You can visit VOANEWS to find out what’s really going on.

“But first of all, they will grab you and chase you, turning you over to synagogues and prisons. You will appear before kings and rulers by my name. “(Luke 21:12)

All this suffering that Christians suffer is the art of the devil. He is the main planner because he knows that his days are very short.

God gave us the power to rebuke this great fallen angel named Lucifer. Know who Lucifer is, his cunning tricks and his destiny, so that it does not fall into his hands.

There is a spiritual war in everyone’s life. The forces of evil never want to see you happy. They will fight your marriage, your job, your business, and everything you hold dear. Always be in prayer, always read the Bible and stay in the light of God, this is how you can win the spiritual battle in your life.

We must support each other in perseverance to the end. Christians around the world must begin to feed on the verses of the Bible to receive encouragement that strengthens the Spirit in us. Real courage is needed to defend Jesus Christ.