Valorant aimbot

Cheaters are a normal part of online gaming experience. No matter whether it is map hackers or aimbots, people will find their ways to get the unfair benefit over their competition and it is game’s publishers who have to fight this. Valorant by Riot Games will have different concerns at the front than, League of Legends. So, with this in mind, company is now working on their own anti-cheat engine, called Vanguard. With this are some mechanisms made to fight common valorant hacks. There are a lot of different hacking ways that are combated in various ways. So, here are a few common ones, and how they can be dealt.

Speed hacks and teleportation are just impossible in Valorant

The speed hacks have totally fallen out of the style, but they are classic in the shooting games. Like its name will suggest, they will allow user to move much faster than what must be present in a game. These have had different levels of usefulness that depends upon a game; however, have potential to be totally game-changing in Team Fortress 2.

Valorant plans of combating it with the server authority, and effectively preventing the players from influencing the location during their games. It can prevent the teleportation hacks that function in the same ways. This must be one big relief to the players who are looking ahead to Valorant, since hero shooters have used the movement speed as an important part of balancing various characters and ability kits.

Valorant aimbot

Valorant must prevent wallhacks with war system

Wallhacks are a bane of the tactical shooters. And Counter-Strike is one game that tasks their players to make important decisions with very limited information & when players have more information artificially than the opponents by things like wallhacks, then it ruins their experience. Valorant may have the unique way to fight wallhacks, with in-engine war system that can functionally remove the opponents from the existence right before the contact. This must prevent wallhacks that make use of different methods to detect or identify locations of the enemies despite the visual obstacles, from working properly.

It is the most interesting way to tackle the issue and one that will be highly effective when executed in a right way. An only question comes how Riot Games will pull it off without the potential stutters and dips in the performance when the players are moving in & out of the sight rapidly.

Vanguard system can fill in other gaps

Filling in the gaps is anti-cheat engine known as Vanguard. Riot Games hasn’t yet opened up on the Vanguard a lot, however, has stated it may have “evolving detection methods,” which can allow company to fast ban hackers.