Nowadays, almost 3 billion people around the globe rely on seafood. As their main protein source, some scientists foresee the increasing population. And poor management of the oceans won’t be able to provide the great demand. Native to Indo-Pacific and Australia. Barramundi not only gives a desirable taste and culinary properties. It’s also filled with heart-healthy Omega-3s. It is a hardy species that loans itself to farming without hormones and antibiotics. For those who haven’t heard of this, here is some information you might want to know.

All about Barramundi 

            Barramundi is also called sea bass, it is a species of catadromous fish. Barramundi has heavier scales and darker markings. It’s a highly prized fish, where wild fish range from 2 to 8kg commercially. Yet can grow up to 55kg, Barramundi is now also efficiently farmed, which has brought smaller. Portion-sized fish onto the market. The barramundi is widely given out in the Indo-West Pacific region. From South Asia to Northern Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Versatility encounter tasty flavor 

            Barramundi has a mild flavor, gentle and toothsome texture that makes it attractive. To those who are particular about seafood. This fish is somehow impossible to overcook, because of its modest fat content. A lot of people also found barramundi satisfying and pleasant to cook at home. Since it doesn’t have any strong odor like other oily fish or salmon. It works ideally in just about every type of cuisine and whitefish recipe. When you buy barramundi online, it is already hand-cut. And flash-frozen every fillet offered to you. It takes all the assumptions and stresses out of prep and storage.

Filled with nutrients for a healthier you: 

            Barramundi is still loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids with half the calories of salmon. It is known to promote cardiovascular health and the brain. It also provides 34 grams of lean protein in a 6oz. Serving. Barramundi possesses almost all the beneficial things you want. And doesn’t include those you don’t want such as PCBs, mercury, and other contaminants.

It is also low in Omega 6 which is something you like to take in moderation. Because of its inflammatory nature. Nutritionists suggested an Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio of no greater than 3:1.

Selecting what you eat has become a behavioral decision. Several people want to know what they consume. From a humane, sustainable, and nutritional standpoint. Barramundi eats low on the food chain ingesting a wide vegetarian diet. With a small percentage of sourced fishmeal. Barramundi is also a hardy fish species. That lets them raise without any antibiotics or chemicals. They mostly occupy just 1% of the space in their sea cages. This minimizes the impact on the environment. As they always say, barramundi is a silverfish and not a silver bullet.

Barramundi has a buttery flavor and is sweet. While larger barramundi has a powerful taste profile compared to small fish. The dense meat has firm flakes, large. And the fish has a few big bones that can be removed easily. There are many available barramundis online where you can buy. You only need to choose the best vendor and check reviews as a basis before buying any.