Oxandrovar Review – Legal or banned

Everyone knows about Anavar as a great steroid for cutting off excess fats from the body and is one of the most popular steroids in the bodybuilding community.  Oxandrovar, an anabolic which is a prohormone substitute of Anavar is banned by the United States and possessing Oxandrovar in the USA is against the steroids law and can lead to many legal ramifications. But, this supplements when released into the bloodstream does a variety of chemical reaction to provide a number of benefits to bodybuilders. So, you can get positive results from this supplement made by GK prohormones and can lose weight definitely just like you can get from regulated anabolic steroids. Here, we will plunge into the world of Oxandrovar to help you determine if it the right choice for you or not.

Is it really worth going for Oxandrovar?

Oxandrovar is an effective steroid which contains many synthetic and chemical compounds but it banned under the Steroid Control Act making it illegal in the United States. So, is it really a good decision going for Oxandrovar while being susceptible to legal ramifications? Oxandrovar is made from chemical compounds like Epistane, Methylclostebol, Trenavar and Hexadrone. Methylclostebol serves the purpose of increasing protein synthesis to promote lean muscle mass and strength. But, as it is much harder to the liver, it makes Oxandrovar a bad choice legally. Epistane works very similarly to Methylclostebol where it packs the lean muscle and promotes strength.

Oxandrovar Review – Legal or banned

It actually bolsters the effects of the Methylclostebol thereby adding to liver toxicity. So, these supplement made by GK Prohormones can increase the chances of a series of side effects.  But, the great thing about Epistane is it doesn’t aromatize which means that it won’t create estrogenic effects like Gynecomastia and virilization in women so can be used without worrying. Nevertheless, Trenavar works by providing more androgenic effects which are actually 10 times more than testosterone making it a dangerous choice for women and even men as it can trigger many dreadful side effects. Hexadrone is a prohormone which reduces bloating by reducing the risk of water retention and increasing strength and lean muscle mass. Also, it is not methylated and puts less strain on liver reducing the effect of Methylclostebol and Epistane on the liver. So, overall this steroid can provide great strength gains and lean muscle mass and is a great choice if you use it responsibly and look for side effects.

However, it is banned in the United States it is legal in the UK and can be bought from sources like CrazyBulk. But remember, if you are planning to buy Oxandrovar, you have to be very careful as there are always some risks of getting caught.  It is sold under the brand name GK prohormones and is legal to use in some countries. Also, we would not recommend this steroid for beginners and long time due to its high potency. Even, if you are absolutely wary while using it, it is difficult to narrow the scope of side effects which can come with it. So, you need to visit a doctor and look for side effects regularly.