Is it possible to become a consistently profitable trader? Why is it only enjoyed by the few? At the end of the day, we are all humans and humans tend to make mistakes. Overcoming these mistakes will help you get your trading goals and achieve better things when trading CFDs.

Being successful doesn’t mean that you should become the next George Soros or the Warren Buffett of the modern era. There is no easy route in trading. Just like any other pursuits in life, making money in Contract for Difference (CFD) all boils down to the right attitude of the trader and the process that is involved in it.

Failing To Have A Trading Plan

For starters, they see trading as a very exciting path to make money. The thought of growing your account threefold just with a few clicks is just purely fascinating. But it isn’t easy as you think it is. There is a need to put on more effort to succeed in the financial market. Invest time to study the market and understand the trading psychology that can affect your trades negatively. With the use of this education, you can create a powerful trading plan.

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Creating the Trading Plan But Not Following It

“Plan the trade and trade the plan” – this saying is old but gold. Your well-prepared trading plan will not be of good use if it gets buried somewhere else. You must not ignore the trading plan that you carefully prepared. You need to put it into action. No matter if you are trading cryptocurrencies, Forex, Indices, or any other market, having a trading plan that will consistently guide you with your every move determines the recipe for long-term success.


How many trades are considered too much? You can only determine if you overtrade if you look back on your trading plan. The main idea here is to trade only when there is a good opportunity at hand. Your money management should also allow you to do this. Most of the time, a trader overtrade because of boredom. To avoid this, you must know yourself and avoid seeking pure thrills in trading.

Too Lazy To Use Stop Loss

Maximizing your upside in trading CFDs will only be possible if you minimize the downside. Stop orders are necessary but you also have to know the perfect time to cut losses. When to enter and exit the market must also be included in your trading plan. You must think about these things ahead of time.


Surely, leverage is good for retail and individual traders. It allows you to open many trading positions by paying a small deposit known as a margin. But because many traders see it as a good opportunity to earn in the market, they also tend to misuse it causing a huge blow into their account.

Many traders only think of the huge leverage ratio offered by their broker without realizing how to properly use it. That’s when they miss the point. The very important thing about using leverage is knowing the right position size.