College life is a major turning point in the life of any student. Out of school, students get to experience lots of new things in college and many a times there is no parental figure for guidance too. They start spending more time with friends and build new relations away from home and comfort. They get a lot of freedom in college life but with it comes lot of study pressure, exhaustion and frustration too. Parents do not have direct impact on the moral and academic life of students now and so they struggle.

Here is more information about common issues that students face after entering their college life:

  1. Health: the routine schedule of children changes after entering college and they need to attend multiple classes and lectures. There are several on and off campus extra curriculur activities too in which they have to participate. Some students also have financial responsibilities and so might do part time job or volunteer for a charity organization. Many a times in these multiple activities, teenagers tend to neglect their health.

Also as they stay away from their home so they tend to eat junk foods and energy drinks that can further cause harm to their health. Poor food choices accompanied with stress of studies leads to physical issues. They also do not get time to exercise and even stay awake to study. Lack of sleep and exercise makes the brain tired and can lead to stress, anxiety and depression too.

  1. Money: college students have limited finance with their part time jobs or pocket money and they have lots of attractions that need money. Sometimes they do extra work after college or on weekends to fulfill this lack of money. This reduces their study time and so they get more stressed or reduce their sleep time.

Students do not get credit easily and even parents do not fund them enough. They now feel the pressure of paying bills of their necessities and lack of credit. The stress of fulfilling their necessities away from their home with low finance is a common scenario amongst students.

  1. Being overwhelmed: as college students have limited time, money and parental support they tend to be overwhelmed. This can lead to opposing directions. Some try to escape the reasons of being overwhelmed and may refuse to study. Others may get home sickness. All this leads to bad grades or drop outs. Some students become mature and solve issues that make them overwhelmed. They get more organized, manage time effectively and progress in life by accepting the challenges that come their way.